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Patrimonial Education

(KNAUSS, Pablo ‘ ‘ on the norm and the bivo: the classroom as place of pesquisa’ ‘ , So Paulo; Cortez, 1996) Thus, all document must be faced as endowed with information on the period where it came, and also as fruit of an effort, carried through for researchers that had brought to the light these documents, I can cite the Letter of Vaz de Caminha, that it are forgotten for a long time, and later is changedded into ‘ ‘ birth certificate of the Brasil’ ‘ , then the document costuma to be used in the educative action, either during a expositiva lesson, either in the text of a didactic, used book with more sophistication, the document serves as provoking element, that even though considers in questions the representations and attitudes of crystallized historical the common sense and knowledge already, stimulating the debates, and the search of information. The document interpretation, whose estimated they are basically the same ones to understand the contents and languages of the current world, is understood that the task of the ofineiro is to stimulate the oficinandos to reflect on materials that many times pass unobserved in day-by-day, as charges and the periodical news, transforming them into historical documents, inside of the project of Patrimonial Education have another activities that are the organization of ‘ ‘ you wounded of documentos’ ‘ in which the organizadores display literal materials and iconographic on subjects of the present time, (social question of the land, movements, communication in mass etc.). In these expositions, made in schools or in spaces created by organizations, the users have the chance to reflect and to locate ahead of materials, the challenge is to provide conditions to read documents of the world. Finally, it could be distinguished that the work carried through in the Historical Archive together with the Patrimonial Education comes propitiating a set of action, where the pupil has theoretical the chance to apply the knowledge, getting of form constantly the perfectioning through the practical performance, at the same time to create forms to carry through new projects making the dissemination of the documentary preservation making possible, a more including way, the quarrel on the necessity to preserve and to restore.


Educardeve to establish ademais of the act to construct knowledge, the wakening noeducando for ‘ ‘ fazer’ ‘. He is through pertaining to school the proportionate experience noambiente that we can exercise attitudes of critical and citizenship. Asatividades must not only defy the academic knowledge, but also necessary ashabilidades for the life in community. Text the ambient subjects are boarded from diversasreas, that go since the residues generated in our residences until fenmenoscomo the aggravation of the effect greenhouse. Beyond this diversity of subjects, it has aindadiferentes medias that divulge them bringing information that if destine lay aopblico, but that they must inform scientific facts and form opinions.

Naescola we can use a set of knowledge and facts. The use dasinformaes disponibilizadas for the medias is one in the ways to bring aosalunos facts that involve the reality of its entorno. Ademais, the temasambientais do not have to be only information, but they must also awake fidgets, questionings and attitudes that can transform the relations of the human being as surrounding. According to Guimares (2005): The emphasis given for the humanity in its historical evolution parte, the separation between human being and nature, resulted in a position antropocntricaem that the human being is placed as center and all the other parts quecompem the environment are to its to make use, without if to aperceber of the relations deinterdependncia enters the existing elements in the environment. Although all spreading regarding the education ambientalno pertaining to school context and of the innumerable works carried through in search of the formation more conscientious and operating decidados, still in them we come across with realities ondeh only information. It has a priorizao of the clarification ecientfico technician of the facts. It has few actions in favor of the solution of problems, or damobilizao of groups to act next to the public power.

Marketing Edition

The propaganda is the presentation of the product to the public, in the TV, radio, billboard, divulging the product through microphones, also is a specific way of being to present an information, with the objective to serve an agenda. 2 – Not, because to take care of to the necessities and the desires of the consumer it is essential, the product, price, square and promotion, each one of these item is importantssimos in the process of Marketing, these item are that they go to take the company to the success and to make it the high level in the market. 3-Yes is very important, because through these research we will know who is and what it wants our customers, the customer is a very demanding consumer, each time more searching optimum for its consumption, always searching optimum product. Stakeholders? Stakeholder or, in Portuguese, interested person, mentions all to it the involved ones in a process, for example, customers, collaborators, investors, suppliers, community, etc. The process in question can be of temporary character (as a project) or lasting (as the business of a company or the mission of a non-profit organization). The success of any enterprise depends on the participation of its interested people and therefore it is necessary to assure that its expectations and necessities are known and considered by the administrators. In general way, these expectations involve satisfaction of necessities, financial compensation and ethical behavior.

An organization that it intends to have a steady and lasting existence must simultaneously take care of to the necessities of all its interested people. To make this it needs to generate value, that is, the application of the used resources must generate a bigger benefit of what its total cost. The term ‘ ‘ stakeholders’ ‘ it was created to assign to all the people or companies who, in some way, are influenced by the actions of a didactic Material organization of the Unopar, Book; Beddings of MARKETING. Digital library; MARKETING principles. Kotler, Philip and KELLER, Kevim. Administration of Marketing Edition. So Paulo: Prentince Hall, 2006 – Kotler, Philip and ARMSTRONG, Gary.

The Polar

Initially, the question was to take water for the agricultural production, come back toward the consumption and local market, for the subsistence. It would be a production much more of cassava, maize, beans, pumpkin, coconut, goiaba, pinha, watermelon lemon, orange, hortalias. The Salitre was, at that time, a great granary in this type of production. Great part of the fruits that we bought here in the fair of Juazeiro was almost everything, produced in the Salitre. Except in the production of onion, that was cultivated since its beginning in this region as a cultivation for exportation, that me seems to have if detached as regional production with the irrigation projects. The effect caused for the implantation of projects of irrigation in the half-barren one come modifying the economic structure of some microregions northeast. However, it has places where the implantation of the irrigation comes cheating sufficiently forceful success, as it is the case of the Petrolina/Juazeiro polar region. Such polar region consists of the main experience of success in the implementation of projects of irrigation in the half-barren northeastern, presenting raised indices of economic growth and social development, due to generation of resultant jobs and income of the implantation of the agriculture irrigated in the region.

In accordance with FRANCE (2001), the cities of Petrolina and Juazeiro are most important of the region where if they concentrate the businesses of the agricultural sector. The polar region presents ample area urban, crossed for important road entroncamentos northeast and endowed with infrastructure of railroad, hidrovirio and aerial transport, of great potential of exploitation. The Polar region if characterizes, also, for the existence of great number of companies of industrialization and commercialization of agricultural products. There they find an environment favorable to the diversification and the complementation of indispensable activities to the new paradigms of regional competitiveness (FRANCE, 2001). SAMPAIO & SAMPAIO (2004) (apud Sobel & Ortega, 2005) observes and analyzes that: the cities of Petrolina and Juazeiro had obtained to construct a capital stock sufficiently integrated to the new reality of the polar region, being this one of the possible reasons for the relative observed success.