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Month: April 2012 Patrimonial Education

(KNAUSS, Pablo ‘ ‘ on the norm and the bivo: the classroom as place of pesquisa’ ‘ , So Paulo; Cortez, 1996) Thus, all document must be faced as endowed with information on the period where it came, and also as fruit of an effort, carried through for researchers that had brought to the light these documents, I can cite the Letter of Vaz de Caminha, that it are forgotten for a long time, and later is changedded into ‘ ‘ birth certificate of the Brasil’ ‘ , then the document costuma to be used in the educative action, either during a expositiva lesson, either in the text of a didactic, used book with more sophistication, the document serves as provoking element, that even though considers in questions the representations and attitudes of crystallized historical the common sense and knowledge already, stimulating the debates, and the search of information. The document interpretation, whose estimated they are basically the same ones to understand the contents and languages of the current world, is understood that the task of the ofineiro is to stimulate the oficinandos to reflect on materials that many times pass unobserved in day-by-day, as charges and the periodical news, transforming them into historical documents, inside of the project of Patrimonial Education have another activities that are the organization of ‘ ‘ you wounded of documentos’ ‘ in which the organizadores display literal materials and iconographic on subjects of the present time, (social question of the land, movements, communication in mass etc.). In these expositions, made in schools or in spaces created by organizations, the users have the chance to reflect and to locate ahead of materials, the challenge is to provide conditions to read documents of the world. Finally, it could be distinguished that the work carried through in the Historical Archive together with the Patrimonial Education comes propitiating a set of action, where the pupil has theoretical the chance to apply the knowledge, getting of form constantly the perfectioning through the practical performance, at the same time to create forms to carry through new projects making the dissemination of the documentary preservation making possible, a more including way, the quarrel on the necessity to preserve and to restore.

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