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Fiscal Council

In addition, the minimum limit rises by which the creditor can adjudge itself or of present 50% to 60%, and the present possibility that is eliminated in certain cases the creditor could even adjudge itself or below those limits. In this way, the vice-president first of the Government, Alfredo explained Perez Rubalcaba after the Cabinet, is avoided that the prices of auctioned buildings " they fall and caigan" , with the consequent damage for the owner of the house, that will have money still more to the financial organization. Article 670 of the Law of Civil Judgment establishes that the awarding from the building to the best postor in an auction or to the financial organization could not be inferior with general character to 50% of the value of appraisal, unless the offered amount, still being smaller, serves to cover the demanded debt (including interests and coasts). Law of Budgetary Stability Also, the Cabinet has approved a Real Decree with which it modifies the Law of Budgetary Stability and determines a maximum top to the annual increase of the cost of the State and the local organizations bound to the evolution of the national GIP to the five previous years and the forecasts of evolution for the three following years. Of this form, the Government assumes the European commitment to determine a rule of evolution of the public cost that guarantees its entailment to the own evolution of the economy. In addition, the Government has also decided to propose an analogous initiative to the independent communities in the next meeting of the Fiscal Council of Policy and Financiera (CPFF), who will be celebrated at the end of the month of July. Aid of ICO On the other hand the vice-president first advanced that the Institute of Official Credit (ICO) will pay up to 3,400 million Euros the SMEs that have pending debts with the city councils, to that will discount the invoices that the organism of the income pays against the account that annually realises the State to the local corporations. The mechanism consists of which the suppliers of the public administrations, and especially SMEs of less than 250 workers, can receive from immediate way through ICO the payment of a very excellent part of the debts that with them maintain the organizations local.

The credit organism will destine resources to the payment of the obligations contracted and not satisfied by the local organizations, generating in return a credit of ICO against these, that will have to give back in a maximum of three years and that it will have by guarantee the participation of the concrete organization in the tributes of the State. The operations will have a maximum limit of 25% of the annual amount of the deliveries at the expense of the participation of the local organization in tributes of the State of year 2011, that is to say, about 3,400 million Euros. In this way, it added Rubalcaba, the Government takes care of " difficult situacin" in that they are so much the suppliers as the own local organizations at the moment of special difficulty. Source of the news: The Government raises from the 50 60% the minimum value of awarding of auctioned houses

National Education

In this Constitution the education is to have of the family and the State, as right of all. After World War II, the Constitution of 1946, in art. 166, extend the paper of the education, declaring that the education is right of all and will be given in the home and the school. Human being must be felt inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity. As Spider (1996) with the redemocratizao of Brazil, in the period that if extended of 1945 up to 1964 brought obtains the spreading of the national-popular teses that they searched to democratize the culture by means of the eradication of the illiteracy. The author tells that with the end of the New State in Brazil, it is returned the state of right, being this known period as Second Republic. In this period it occurs the promulgation of the first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education? LDB 4.024/61.

The text of this law moved per 13 years in the National Congress this leaves clearly that the education in our country does not have the really necessary priority that to have. Between 1948 e1961 occurred ample debate enter the defenders of the New School, mainly represented in the figure of Ansio Teixeira and the forces conservatives, lined up with then the member of the house of representatives Carlos Lacerda. The adopted educational politics with the promulgation of the first LDB (1961), in general way, the school was centered in the education of the writing, reading and calculation, with the adoption of a traditional methodology as the formador objective was neglected to the education of the techniques to read, to write and to count. As Spider (1996), one more time, is clearly that the organization of education is adjusted to the partner-economic context and politician, with intention to guarantee the interests of the ruling classes.


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Our school and our pupils had become statisticians mere? Most important in the question of the alfabetizao they are not the statisticians and yes the quality of the education that our pupils receive. Our governing would have to think about the formation of the individual fully capable to carry through its activities as effective participant citizen of the society. Chapter 3? Construction of the learning of Reading and Writing with pleasure in the Infantile Education and basic Ensino. Beyond teaching to read and to write, the school and professors must awake in the pupils the pleasure in learning, in constructing and extending knowledge, developing the orality and perfecting it, respected its previous opinions, difficulties and knowledge. 2.1. Chapter 1? Functional illiteracy In accordance with UNESCO, functional illiterate is all the person who, although to recognize and to write the code, proper name to read and to grafar some phrases is incapable to interpret what it reads, therefore, it does not obtain to extract the direction of the words and nor to write them. (PRIETO, 2008) It has people that, exactly being alfabetizadas, they do not obtain to understand messages simple as a letter, an announcement of periodical or an acknowledgment, or until colleges student who feel difficulty when interpreting declared texts or of questions in a test, in competitions, he takes what them to get resulted well below of the desired one.

Understanding involves much more that decoding She is necessary, first, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas, for finally arriving the reply. In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read. QUEILLA (2010). This is a serious problem that goes beyond the banks of the school. The incompetence for the full reading and writing causes a social difficulty therefore the functional illiterates is incapable to carry through basic tasks of its personal and mainly professional life, and also the psychological factor as auto-they esteem, security, generating a miniature communicative capacity.

National Education Law

In the area of the education the changes total were carried through, as the necessities of the effective society and the transformations for which it was passing. The illiteracy needed to be eradicated so that the urban workers could exert the minimum possible functions. But these changes did not aim at the development of the country were only for attainment of the hand of favored workmanship less in a country in process of industrialization and not of partner-economic development, therefore the education was dual one formed the elites for the universities to another one formed workers for manual services. In the year of 1932 we have the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the National Education, with ideals of the New School and in 1948 a law project was sent to the Congress that took 13 years to be approved thus appearing, our first Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education Law 4024/61, after some years domain of the government started to be of the military and Law 4024/61 did not take care of more the interests of the new government that possua tecnicistas ideals. Ahead of this necessity the government structure Law 5692/71 so that it had changes in 1 and 2grau what it finished giving wrong why the particular schools had continued preparing its pupils for the universities. The Constitution of 1988 in articles 205 and 214 establishes routes for the education increased in 18% the percentages that would have to be expenses for the Union with the education, and in 1996 Law 9394/96 was approved as the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, reaching all the education levels. Ahead of all these historical stories that had been elencados here, become still more expressive, the necessity of the education of values for the moral formation of the individual and for the construction of a society more criticizes that it passes to count on citizen made use to act in it and to have the capacity to modify it. We saw that throughout the centuries in the whole world the educational systems, had been in formal or informal way, were always searching the interests of the ruling classes and the alienation of that supposedly they would have to only obey what them they were tax. The education was used so that the values of the peoples were repassed for the children of the nations, that