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Behaviors and Success

Many are the behaviors that disclose that a person can be if exceeding its jealousy, in case, is not so clearly for the proper person. Behaviors such as to examine pockets, wallets, receipts, close accounts, clothes and sheets, to hear phone calls, to open correspondences, to follow the same spouse or to contract particular detectives to make this costumam not to alliviate and still to aggravate feelings of remorse and inferiority of the people who suffer of extreme jealousy. An example of this is case that Wright (1994) described of a patient who arrived to mark the penis of the husband with penxs to confer the presence of this signal in the end of the day. The jealousy is of great interest of psychiatry, over all for the forensic one and also for psychology, from the moment that its manifestation is pathological and destroys the harmony of the relationship (Gillard, cited for Todd, Mackie & Dewhurst, 1971; Towers, Branch & Days, 1999; Rassol, 1996). Despite of great importance to be studied, another complicador factor of this study is the vagueza and the indistino of the limit between the normal jealousy and pathological (the White & Mullen, 1989). In accordance with Kingham authors & Gordon (2004), the pathological jealousy is a set of thoughts and emotions irrationals, together with extreme or unacceptable behaviors, where the dominant subject is the concern with the infidelity of the sexual partner without base in concrete evidences. Bishay, Petersen and Tarrier (1989) and Tarrie et al (1990) had considered that people with pathological jealousy tend to make systematic distortions and errors in its interpretations and perceptions of events and information, then one precipitador event of the possibility to the suspicion inconsistentes and provokes the pathological jealousy. The pathological jealousy can be diagnosised despite the partner considered unfaithful really either or has been (Kingham & Gordon, 2004; Soyka, Naber & Vlcker, 1991).


The controversies that it had to maintain due to its fame never altered its basic serenity, in spite of its sensitive and combative character. By its immense culture and doctrinal punctuality, and also by its religious fervor, Surez pius received the doctor name eximius ET, is the most eminent representative of the scholastic barroca. Writing simultaneously against the Protestantism, that the divine right of the sovereigns defended, and against all the more or less cynical naturalists, the one Of legibus analyzes in the first place the law generally, later to study the diverse classes of laws and the questions that these provoke. The analysis of the sovereignty principle much more is advanced that in the authors who preceded to him. In the work of Surez, the power is given by God to all the political community and not only to tal o cual person: against the cesarismo and the legal experts, the maquiavelismo and the luteranismo, Surez elaborate, to sum up, the theory of the democracy, that fidei deepens more in its Defender. The social contract or pact notion appears in the doctor eximius already: political community constitutes by the one first restrictive practice between individuals or families; this one can delegate the power to a group or a single person, by means of a second pact, that God leaves our discretion. As a rule, the democracy, that is to say the direct government of the town by the town, will be the most natural form of government, and it does not need a particular institution, because it is according to the spontaneity of our being.

Still more, the one Of legibus is methodically dedicated to found the international right. In her the human sort is conceived like which it forms a specific unit not only, but moral and even political. Or there, the evangelical rule of universal love to our fellow, without mother country or race distinction, invites to us to consider the humanity like a single body. But there is more: although each S-state a perfect and self-sufficient community, has, to a certain extent, necessity of the other States, either to satisfy tal o cual deficiency, or to increase their possibilities. Therefore, each national group form leaves from community international, that is superior to that one, natural and morally. Of all of which follows that an international right is indispensable to govern this universal society. This right has two sources first of all, the natural right, arisen from the reason; later, the right of people, arisen from the local and particular uses of each nation, that comes to will complete the natural right in innumerable points.

Surez instead of to reject, like the majority of the humanists, the tradition of four centuries hefts scholastic and discusses it to point by point, separating carefully the valid elements of the expired ones. And as Andalusian said to the philosopher: ” The political community is free by natural right and she is not subject to any man outside her, but she herself in her totality has the political power that is democratic while not cambie.” Francisco Aryan Soli’s The future gains, gaining the freedom. Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.


The environment council contract to u.t.e formed by Audiotec and order to develop the maps of noise of 2012 for twelve municipalities of Castile and Leon With the conclusions of the noise maps, the Union Temporary of Companies (U.T.E.) will make proposals preliminary that will give to form to the future Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise for each one of the implied municipalities the contract includes the maps acoustic of the populations of Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Zamora, Aranda de Duero, Lagoon of Duero, Medina of the Field, Ponferrada and San Andres of the Rabanedo, on the acoustic data of 2011 the Union Temporary of Companies (U.T.E.) formed by Audiotec, company leader in engineering specialized in noise control, and Centro Tecnolgico Acstico (CTA), will be the organization in charge of the elaboration of the noise maps of 12 municipos of the Community, according to a contract subscribed with the Council of Environment of the Meeting of Castile and Leon, and that it will allow to obtain the representation of the existing noise levels in these populations. The service that will be carried out, that also includes the development of diverse information and technical revisions of facilities in the matter of noises and vibrations for the same period of time, has been contracted by means of open procedure and was ratified the past 9 of August of 2010, showing the high quality of the technical supply presented/displayed by Audiotec jointly with CTA. The contract includes the elaboration of the maps of noise of the municipalities of Avila, Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Zamora, Aranda de Duero, Lagoon of Duero, Medina of the Field, Ponferrada and San Andres of the Rabanedo for year 2012 on acoustic losdatos of 2011, of such form that the works of " work in campo" , " clculo" and " aplicacin" they will allow the development of the consequent Plans of Action Against the Urban Atmospheric noise. .

Money and Relationships

Some avoid to speak of it, others debate their days and encounter to speak or to discuss to envelope it to demand, to get angry, to be disappointed When a relation begins, most important is the love, the demonstrations of affection Everything fixes with love with understanding and with good will so they say the popular proverbs and beliefs, nevertheless, when we entered the land of real the money is a factor of extreme importance, in the relations of the life in pair Money is to be able, that way they say to many people So that who shows the money also has the power I do not speak of crude impositions that they would have much to question Hablo of a power that entreteje in the life of the human beings like a condition that gives the opportunity, TO DICTATE who offer, decides how, how much and in what the money is spent of the even patrimony dfrifire or familiar Can be from a chewing-gum, until the acquisition of one it marries Or to what school goes the children, etc. Some men hurt of which his wifves win more than they Many women complain their situation of housewives, who are at the expense of which their pairs give nobody Apparently them By all means is satisfied, that the ideal is that the man provides and the woman counts on the sufficient resources to arrange than its man gives Without giving accounts don’t mention it him, and to spend and to have portfolio abierta to which she decides but that, is an ideal is not possible, actually, happens to us thus. Some pairs, they obtain it, but not all Cuentas clear Dice the supplier, is man, or woman, who it sustains the expenses Is unquestionable that the money problems can solely be solved with money you do not create you? But conflicts that arises not necessarily in relation to the money in the pair relations have to see with the same, with amount, and so but with a condition is spent or not that represent, something much more significant that the same money Tienen to see with the control, the power, the taste, I thus interest in a pair relation exist diverse needs to cover we suppose that for the woman, most important it is to have a domestic aid releases that it of certain routine activities like cooking, cleaning and to iron Therefore, wishes to contract which does by her Nevertheless, the man has another interest, for example, to count on a better equipment of video because it seems to him wonderful to film and its liking is the photo in this small example, we can deduce that who has the possibility of generating the entrance or the money for that it will destine the cost.