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Month: February 2013 Literary Analysis

Topic and reason for some, these terms designate the same thing; others consider them to be different. The truth is that it is not so easy to perceive differences that arise. It is convenient to consider the reason as a type of topic. Wolfgang Kayser explains these topics separately and let see the more general concept of topic, since, according to him, in studies on the topics include reasons and other types of literary traditions: the research of the topics has two aspects. Firstly, investigates the literary tradition of certain fixed and concrete images, motifs or also stereotyped thoughts, and, on the other hand, pursues the tradition of certain technical modes of expression (Kayser, 1970, 93). The topics are topics, contents, typical situations or literary forms that are repeated over several times in the literature and have become literary traditions whose original source is difficult to define. They have gone from writer to writer, a time to time, and they have undergone changes, but they have preserved their essence in much meaningful units that relate to an action or content of the work and that have become typical experiences for the human soul. They enable us to identify in advance a typical situation which has already been dealt with in earlier works. The topics are fixed cliches or schemes of thought and of expression coming from ancient literature and which, via medieval latin, penetrated in the national literatures of the middle ages and, later, the Renaissance and the Baroque. There is a wealth of poetic images, fixed formulas and technical ways to expose, which are learned and not despise nor the greatest poet (Ibid., 91-92). Among the most popular topics are: the tradition of the pleasant landscape, the Nightingale, the of the wounded deer and source; the topic of consolation, false modesty, the fate or predestination, that of the exordium, the retired life or beatus ille (blessed one), free will, the glory of Fame, the world upside down, of the child and elder, the elder and the moza, the nature goddess, or mother nature, the carpe diem (taste the day), the Golden mediocrity (aurea mediocritas), the crime of being born.

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Month: February 2013 Social Media Manager

eDreams, one of the largest travel agencies and cheap flights in Europe, supports NGO Worldreader in the dissemination, through social networks, of his latest project of literacy in Ghana. Worldreader is conducting a pilot study in Ghana to determine the impact of e-books in schools, and is supporting on Facebook Causes to disseminate their work and raise funds. For every person who joins this initiative on Facebook through the month of November, eDreams will donate $1 to Worldreader has had a clear leadership in the use of electronic book technology to promote education in the places in the world with less access to books, an effort that could benefit millions of people. We are proud to support them in this pioneering initiative, said Bob Samii, Social Media Manager of eDreams. Worldreader is an example of how an NGO can use social media to publicize their cause. The pilot study Worldreader s iREAD is an important milestone for the Organization. Introducing electronic books in eight schools in Ghana, Worldreader will examine its impact among the students before extending the program to other parts of the world. The Organization has all the permissions of the Ministry of education to expand the literacy program in all schools in Ghana. Electronic books are a great way to bring books to the places where the paper does not come. Although electronic books were intended for the world’s richest economies, these devices are ideal for developing regions. Today, 75% of mobile phone users live in developing countries, while the penetration of electronic books in those countries does not even reach 1%. We are facing a unique opportunity to use technology to achieve momentous change in education in these countries and we are delighted to have the support of companies like eDreams in this effort, in the words of Susan Moody’s those interested in supporting Worldreader can join page. eDreams will donate $1 for each person who participates. Members can also donate directly on the link of the page, allowing anyone to support the increase in literacy rates in developing countries of development with the contribution that each one can. About eDreams eDreams is one of biggest brokers in sale of cheap travel in Europe. eDreams is the largest independent European online travel agency and the largest emitter of air banknotes of our country. The company with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) offers his services to Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Peru, Switzerland, United States and the world market of English-speaking, through their web sites. About is an organization non-profit organization whose objective is to make libraries of books available to each family of the planet, using the technology of the books electronic. As well as mobile phones have been ahead of fixed telephony in many developing countries, helps create e-readers in an easier, less expensive and more reliable way to provide books in underdeveloped and less-favoured areas.

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