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Center West

Another point that in the flame attention in the text of Sergio Haddad is what it says respect to the attendance limits that we have in Brazil. What it finishes making with that in many regions, still either raised the number of illiterates. A tax of about 13% is a nonsense still terms (given of 2000) of illiterate. quanta fight since Pablo Freire The attendance of the obligator escolaridade has not produced raised taxes of illiteracy, between especially young adult. All this process, inside of our system of national education, finishes making with that our taxes of repetncia and evasion if they become high. The reality of our region, Center West, in 2000, presented a tax disapproved 12% of.

This is very great e, believes that currently it is bigger still. What fights my God, until when will have that to face these so negative taxes in our schools? (it forgives for the relief, but, I feel in ' carne' the consequences of these negative taxes in the education). Important factor, says respect to ' ' order cultural' ' , also they have significant weight how much to the exploitation of the educandos. Adding some factors pointed, we see not only that still it has very to be made and to become the right the public education in Brazil a reality to all, for some. Also we do not have to leave to mention the distortion series age, in 2001, was of 50% in 5 Series and, worse still it was in Average Ensino arrived to be almost 60%. The Brazilian escolaridade still has average low that it is generated by some factors and, unhappyly points Brazil with a country with great index of functional illiteracy (is those people who have between 1 and three years only of escolaridade). Let us add plus data: the quality of basic education is good only for a small parcel of ' schools privadas' that they educate the minorities of greater purchasing power.

National College Of Mexico

He received his early education at a Montessori school in his hometown. During the war provoked by the military uprising of General Franco, his parents sent him to France, where he attended the Lycee Michel-Montaigne in Paris and Marseille Perier Lyceum. In February 1939, his father accompanied by his wife, Antonio Machado and his mother, and others, are obliged to join us on the road to exile. Xirau Ramon could join his parents in Paris, to then end his exile in Mexico. There, he studied at the Liceo Franco Mexicano, before moving to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), where his teachers included some exiles, like his father and Joseph Gaos, and where earned a master's degree and then a doctorate in philosophy. In 1949 he married Ana Maria Icaza Guido. In 1955 he obtained Mexican citizenship, making that year specialist studies at the Sorbonne and later at Cambridge.

In 1973 he joined the National College of Mexico, becoming the first member not born in Mexico. He was founder and editor of the Dialogues, edited by this institution, which is one of the best targeted the Hispanic world. He taught at the Liceo Franco Mexicano and the University of the Americas, where he was director of the Department of Philosophy, subsequently, a teacher at the Faculty of Arts and researcher Institute for Philosophical Research at the UNAM. He has worked in numerous magazines, among which include, in addition to the above: Cuadernos Americanos, Vuelta, Revista Mexicana de Literatura, Revista de Bella Artes, Insula, Europe, Gazette de Lausanne, Atlantic Monthly, Texas University, and Centre Le Scarab Xirau Pompidou is a member of Science Advisory Board President of the Republic since its founding in 1994.

Argentina Technique

In my case always apply the technique of the hand because it is easier to practice without having to be standing next to a light key or a framework. Another thing I’ve learned from the books that I read on the subject is that these lucid dreams last shortly and that a way to prolong them, is when one is giving account begins to fade, at that time one must again look at the hands or begin to turn on itself (this always within the dream). So far I did a short summary of the most common techniques, but of course, it is advisable to read specific literature on this topic. Two very good books links to that effect below accompanied them: therefore if one awakens within a dream and live tells you: I am the most successful person, the richer, the more happy or whatever you can think of them, would they not be thereby womanhood to the subconscious in the moment in which the mind is more susceptible to this? I with this mean mixing technique of lucid dreaming with the technique to impress the subconscious mind (to consolidate and realize our wishes) at the most opportune moment as say exalted authors (when we are asleep). Now in his hands that armen its own Trojan horses and be stealthily at night to fulfill its mission. If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links books and articles dealing with the law of attraction and quantum physics you can enter for free from sea of the Plata, Argentina, towards everyone, Walter Daniel Genga. Original author and source of the article

Argentine Hugo

publishers as Foton produced thirteen titles in 1973 of dubious quality. Sudamericana wanted to assimilate to the Nebulae Spanish and I think Galaxy by Marcial Souto head, while Emece edited twenty-one titles of this literary current. Came the military to rot the stew but the CF named as literature of evasion or because the soldiers did not understand well what the matter was. Minotaur prudently moved to Barcelona and Best Seller came to stay but an entire generation churned used books recovering imagination and losing freedom. Oesterheld disappears. Vinelli publishes his guide the reader of CF, Ed. convergence, 1977. Our Eastern brethren: Levrero, Diaz and Norma Viti wrote in the magazine of fantasy directed by Souto and CF.

Exits the vislumbrados universes, anthology compiled by Gandolfo and Pessina. Entropy also directed by Souto shows an excellent example of rioplatense art with the short novel city of Mario Levrero, the magazine takes a single number. The same director in collaboration with Cascioli saca two supplements of CF in the Humor magazine, then they create pendulum an important sample of quality and content, reflotaran it then with 10 luxurious deliveries until editions La Urraca makes last attempt to pull forward, it will tell is without doubt the best CF magazine, design, presentation, and content that has been published on any site (San Lundwall. Swedish, revisionist of CF). In 1983 to 86 Souto returns with Minotaur and the same team of pendulum.

Creates the award beyond a kind of Argentine Hugo. 1991 Latin American Convention CF. The current River Plate writers by name some are Gardini, Leverero, Gorodischer, Bajarlia, Gandolfo, Souto, Jimenez, Signes, Moledo, Goligorsky, Vanasco almost all them were reading, translating and soaking with the foreign CF, but they have taken a characteristic and an unquestionable quality. Some of them are can criticize for being too meticulous, nostalgic but no remove merit, being pioneers in a genus as this in an unfavourable geographical location, away from the technological centres and with the immanent belong to the third world reality, it is too much what they do.


The exact references: here more than one hundred and forty men in missed us of our Navy nine days on the way from Apalachee up there up here, we walked dozientas and eighty leagues also have certain gaps as: others came another day many can say that he responds to formal aspects insofar as the author makes his narrative a story in which the narration of events looks soaked certain literary topics even to glimpse legacies of the literature of the time. In this section is necessary to point out that the element chronological is in detriment of the formal element as they show it: chronological mismatches. There are a number of passages where you can observe as not respecting the order in which the events took place in reality; an example can be found in chapter X that Narvaez and cow are separated and it gets back to the topic until quite a few chapters later. However, also can adopt another perspective with regard to these elements and verify that its use is confined to the literature of the era: they are inherited from the Byzantine tradition and last aim keep the reader’s interest. With just to get it does not hesitate to postpone the narration of events which have already occurred in reality. This last aspect of the chronological mismatch makes that shipwrecks closer to the narrative class that since cronistico style that the latter requires a coexistence between the temporal space of events and the narrative. We also highlight within this set relative to the structure, the introduction of digressions within the main story (anecdotes) whose common bond is made up by the author. One of the most relevant narrative elements of the narrative of this author, and relates to the structure, is the justification of facts, as pointed out by C.

Vidaurre Arenas: … wanted to stay there, parties and promises of land made them. … and I, for more safety, were with him … …, this commanded a captain Pantoja … to receive the bastimentos … because he was very bad port … and that there was very marked thing us happened.

Causality is also reflected by the Narrator at the time stating reasons leave in writing their experiences: … I thought that it wouldn’t be out of order and purpose with which I wanted to write this way, tell it here.(7) This constant justification of facts largely determines the frasistica provision as well as the structure of the story. It highlights also the employment of very usual formulas of the era used in Chronicles of conquests or exploration which aims to maintain the reader’s interest making you believe that they will be telling things that had never before been seen. Original author and source of the article

Romantic Stories – E. Wasilewski

Shoot "love story" began in the West long ago. They are considered a necessary stage in the preparation of prenuptial and removed a few weeks before the celebration. Now this tradition has come to us, and a portfolio of many Photographers are already full of a variety of photographs from the life of couples. For what it's done? At Love Story Photography is both aesthetic and practical component. On the one hand it is an excellent opportunity to remember all the began, walk on memorable places and simply try on role photomodels. Other hand precisely day photographing Love Story steam and selected for weddings Photographer can acquaint together. Bridegroom and bride accustomed to manner work his specialist and he notes for themselves in what foreshortening most advantageously can withdraw loving couple daily marrying. "Guys socialize me relax and behave naturally – tells Photographer Edward Wasilewski.

– On the day of the wedding the couple is quite another, and to withdraw their love, calm, serene very difficult. Such frames – these are the main components of the Love Story. Also, I recommend to capture Love Story in the case, if the pair uncertainly feels before camera. Often someone one but even both consider themselves "nefotogenichnymi" and sure on photographs "obtained unsuccessfully". All these delusion disappear when they receive on hands ready Material ". Like clockwork There are lots of options and ideas for photo ops Love Story. You can play the first day of your acquaintance or a first date.


Suddenly, the young was possessed for a legion of demons and started if to debate the soil. I commanded that they were aquietassem and they had obeyed the command voice. I asked for the head of the legion: Which is your name? It answered, esturrando as a fierce animal: ' ' I am Lucifer! I go to kill it! ' ' I said: ' ' The Satan! It leaves this young and it takes with you the paralysis that you put in it, on behalf of JESUS! ' '. Immediately, the Satan and its legion had left. As soon as I banished the Satan and its legion from the life of the Amarildo, it fainted, then, however, one recovered. Then, I exerted my faith in the Word and I caught for its right hand, saying: ' ' It raises you and it walks! ' ' In the same instant, the young walked and is walking until today! Glory the God! As he is tremendous to trust and to pray the promises contained in the Word of God! Conjunct in the Spirit or Languages apstolo Pablo wrote: ' ' Therefore who speaks in another language, does not say the men, if it God, since he understands nobody it (the mind human being cannot understand the language divine), and in spirit does not say to mystery (the human spirit says secrets with the Spirit of God I Cor.14: 2) ' '. He notices that, this ' ' language divina' ' , that is, this ' ' Resource of orao' ' , it serves for close conversations between the spirit of the man and the Spirit of God, a communion above of the language human being, who is not understood by means of the mind, nor of who it speaks, much less of who hears. When I am in communion with God, I speak constantly in languages, therefore I have full conscience of that I am saying in a level so deep the holy ghost that nor the devil and its demons can understand what I talk with the celestial Father.

Miguel Domnguez

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Orlando Literature

Ramon Menendez Pidal Y Julian Marias introduction Spain awoke in my heart fantasy and the Muse of love for literature. If I wonder, if I am Spanish. It will keep silence for a few moments, to then respond kindly to my Indian blood mixed with the power and the greatness of the precious and glorious Spain. Which I have since then claimed him in any of my letters. But the natural affection of my tongue has exceeded the silent maxims of other peoples, so my spirit able to graze the strength of his rhetoric, through the wonders of Spanish literature. Magno Orlando…

Ramon Menendez Pidal let know the essence and the Spanish spirit. In his work the Castilian epic poem through Spanish literature who wishes to know the causes and effects of the poem my cid through this work. You could understand the historical and metaphysical traits as social conception of that Spain in which Rodrigo bravely levanto his sword to the heavens to dazzle the French, trying to imitate my cid or deny his Spanish national greatness. They did not do more than stay in ridiculous against the precious historical framework. Listen to Ramon Menendez Pidal which writes the following: in general terms, the French and Spanish literature, the two unique Romanic literatures possessing of an epic, differ at this point one and one of the most notable way that can imagine. The two may come from a Germanic seed, but the soil in which that seed germino has informed one and another poetry a very different individual character, like again and rooted in the deepest of the national character. More: ever the Spanish epic deform reality as the French epic, reaching hastiar us efforts to enlarge the characters out of all human proportion. Spanish works are obviously involved national and intellectual love. It has cost a hard work by a without number of loving generations to its territory.


The Bibliometrics is a part of the Scientometrics that applies mathematical and statistical methods to all scientific literature and authors who produce it, with the aim of studying and analysing the scientific activity. Doing so helps laws Bibliometric, based on the statistical behavior regulate who over time have shown the different elements that are part of science. The instruments used to measure aspects of this social phenomenon are the Bibliometric, measures indicators that provide information about the results of scientific activity in any of its manifestations. Bibliometric law of exponential growth Derek j. de Solla Price laws noted that the growth of scientific information occurs at a pace much higher with respect to other social phenomena, but very similar to other observable phenomena in natural contexts, such as biological processes. Such growth is such that every 10-15 years the existing information is replicated with a growth exponential, although this largely depends on the area of knowledge of which concerned.

In turn, proposed several stages: a phase of exponential growth itself, in which the growth rate is proportional to the size of the sample, and a linear growth phase, in which the growth rate is constant or independent of the size of the system. The stages are as follows: phase 1: phase 2 precursors: exponential growth phase 3: linear growth phase 4: collapse of the scientific field, however, not only the scientific literature grows exponentially, but also the number of researchers, so the first conclusion that got Price of exponential growth was the contemporary nature of science, an expression that reflects the phenomenon which consists in that the number of scientists currently constitute almost the total of all the that have existed in the past more current, being the number of the past cienfificos a proportion almost irrelevant compared this current issue. However, an exponential growth You can not stay to infinity, i.e., there must be a limit called ceiling or saturation limit; admitted this limit, Price postulated that the growth of science-shaped logistic curve.