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Summen Aries

The individual content of the “Doing Business project” can be summarized as follows: 1. the “Themes” (“institution”) Although there are many more “Institution”, which can enhance or constrain business of SMEs, such as corruption, crime or political instability in a country, the currently 11 institutions still are the most important for international comparisons. These are Thefoundation of a companyDealing with construction permiAvailability of electricity registration of property access to finance such as loans protection of investor taxes and charges trade over the borders enforcement of contracts closing a business and resolving insolvency the ranking economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1 185. A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatory environment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a local firm. This index averages the country’s percentile rankings on 10 topics, made up of a variety of indicators, giving equal weight to each topic.

The rankings for all economies are benchmarked to June of 2012. economic data this content provides economic data from 2003 to the present. The data are used in a variety of combinations available and can be used by researchers, policy makers, journalists and students for their own projects. As there are of so historical data from 2003available, individual research can be undertake doing business reports the doing business report series includes annual reports going back to 2004, a wide variety of sub-national studies, and a number of special reports dealing with regions or topics. Use the tabs to read report Summen Aries and to download. Additional country and regional reports can be downloaded below. Other national and regional reports can be downloaded for free.

In PART II, which follows shortly, we will show our esteemed readers how to use the contents of the BUSINESS DOING PROJECT for concrete case studies. Prof. Dr. Norbert W Knoll by Shakeel

Google Docs Documents

Google-Docs with the GTC InterFAX Internet fax service now cloud based services and comfortable fax sending and receiving. Stuttgart, the 25.10.2011 one of the leading electronic communication service provider, the GTC TeleCommunication GmbH (, the gap between real and virtual office. GTC InterFAX ( products/internet-fax.html) enables its customers immediately the perfect flexibility through the integration of InterFAX in Google-cloud-services ( de). Still, leader in important transmission of information rely on the fax. Faxes not accidentally end up in the spam filter and get a much higher attention during the flood of E-Mail.

Send and receive fax orders restaurant websites and Internet portals and also in health care, as well as in the banking / insurance sector fax communication is very important. Internet fax combines the advantages of fax dispatch with which electronic communications and allows a smooth integration of the Fax communications into the business processes. Documents so received as sent an email directly from your own computer, can be maintained. InterFAX goes even one step further: by integrating Google Docs documents in the Internet fax service, fax communication is part of a complete virtual work environment. After one-time registration, you can be to Google Docs documents directly as a fax with just a few clicks. And also received faxes can be submitted directly in the Google Docs environment. This service is free of charge for InterFAX customers. Volker Biedinger, 44, Managing Director: Our customers appreciate the flexibility and cost savings, bringing the use of Internet fax dispatch with GTC InterFAX. “Benefit from Google Docs to InterFAX by connecting our customers in addition the benefits of cloud based applications this can be completely virtual and this professionally operated all communication channels.”

Online Printing Now Available

The online printing company – a reliable as well personal printing products partner on the Web. The online print provider offers all interested a good orderly as also manageable online printing portal with helpful hints for correct processing of print data. In addition extensive technical templates for the production and the design of flyer designs and brochures are for customers or deposited brochures, envelopes, mailers, L banners, rollup banner, press kits, etc. Every online customer can easily download these technical styles with important dimensions for his design in the download section of the print shop. For the digital printing or offset printing, the own products can be ordered so easily at 24 hours a day. Posters printing is just, print business cards and printing of letterhead, note pads and other Office supplies to the product portfolio of Internet printing, in the one on request also also stickers can print.

For further questions about the offered print a helpful service hotline available stands the Internet printing products. Staff friendly and competent counsel and assist once the Internet print shop customers have wishes regarding specific papers or unusual formats. The Internet printing making possible an individual production of special printing products over the way of the service hotline according to customer requirements. The telephone service hotline is available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:30. Should clarification arise at other times of day, these questions can be submitted at any time under a Serviceemail. The individual support and assistance, that love goes beyond the common FAQ’s, rounds off the comprehensive range of information of the online shops and partner on the World Wide Web makes it a reliable and individual printing works.

Career Consultant

There are LoveLifeWork and joie de vivre a lifelong love? I love my boss? Why am I still single? How can companies integrate love? These and many other questions are frequently asked me. Love and work belong together the answer is as varied as the people and companies who contact me. Because all belongs together. Say my work is holistically aimed at people and companies. Of course who want to make a difference to me contact.

The women and men. Manager, decision makers and companies, love, life, work, success, healthy and happy see related. As a large whole that takes everyone further. Certainly people notice when something is no longer around. Whether it is private or professional. But what is it called so beautiful: at this point, the cat themselves often in the tail biting.

This means that patients often find the beginning of the solution. Love & life consultant the necessary distance is maintained, to get to the bottom of the problem. First then a solution can be found. Sounds simple, but is alone often virtually impossible for the clients. Long-established behavior and beliefs play just as much a role as anchored power thinking. Help talks with friends and acquaintances. In companies, fears of reprisals are often large. Bosses are afraid to lose control and thus respect. An important part is to resolve this but, to get content partnerships and staff. If you are happy, can do more to promote recognition and respect is an important punk of my work. This is also a form of love. This is becoming more and more stunted for decades in our fast-moving times. But we need the coexistence in the microcosm of a private partnership and family, as well as in a small, medium-sized and large companies. Just as rising profits, success, health and loving partnerships are possible. Burnout. Layoffs in the job. Often hard life cuts bring separations, long distance relationships, diseases and Changes. So go and develop new perspectives is to the heart. People from the dark bring back to light. You will be happy to make on a small scale, such as in the great. Privately, professionally, and in companies is my wish and my vision. Love for all! Happiness for everyone. Coupled with health, satisfaction, and success! LoveLifeWork and a happy maker my name is Susan Heat, love & life consultant and happy maker, TV expert, author, and a champion of practical and easily implementable solutions. I enjoy life, take courage and urge to deeds. Since the change is easy. My tips are easy to implement digestible and for everyone. New perspectives can be the positive and successful way in which the future! I got back in foreign countries for many years lived for over 25 years of experience as a journalist/medical journalist/ghostwriter, as well as experience as entrepreneur and a strong intuition. Study of literature/philosophy of the RUB and later psychology at the University of Hagen. For companies, I have developed the concept of LoveLifeWork. People and practical and immediately actionable solutions and the happiness of all are my focus. Contact: Susan Heat Love & life consultant & Felicity Macherin P.o. box 24 02 47 40091 Dusseldorf email: contact (at) member in the social business network XING

Syrian President Bashar Al

In difficult times, is known to friends. We express the same idea saying that friends are for occasions. At the start of the Summit the Presidents will recall the words of welcome from the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad Bin Jalifa to the Fornicator said: we hope that this Summit constitutes a solid base to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our people, including the possibility of extending new bridges between the two parties, there are several similarities between the States (South American) and the Arab world, (especially) in the desire to progress and the kind of obstacles facing both emphasized that many young people in the Arab world have emigrated to South America and stay there seeking to fulfill dreams and, at the same time, extending bridges of cooperation between the two regions. He already finished the Summit and in the final document of this proposed to strengthen mechanisms of cooperation. He noted in his report the than the fear that the crisis give to the fret with the booming economic relationship domino quote from Doha, eight heads of State attended South Americans representing their countries.

They were the Chilean Michelle Bachelet, Venezuelan Hugo Chavez, the boliviano Evo Morales, argentina Cristina Kirchner, the Fernando Lugo of Paraguay, the Brazilian Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Suriname, Runaldo Ronald Venetiaan and Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo. By Arab party, she was attended by Libyan leader Muammar Kadhafi, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, that of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and Sudanese President Omar the Bechir, sought by international justice for crimes of war and against humanity and Chavez who expressed a fervent support. The President of Venezuela Lieutenant – Colonel Hugo Chavez was satisfied by the results of the Qatar Summit, which, in its view, served to strengthen the South-South cooperation and the construction of a new international building.

New Zealand

And because of the bright plumage, and, primarily, because of the peculiar beak-hook. To request the parrots' show language of 'no, of course, will not. But he is also their signs: thick, short, at the end of the recess for holding seeds or some kind of brush for those who feed on nectar, like Laurie. Largest and most powerful beak parrot cockatoo though they somehow increase no more than a crow. They have a conspicuous appearance by dashing tuft on his head. A bill, this should be remembered, so that easily bite his finger. The very name 'cockatoo' is derived from the Malay word 'Kakatua' which means 'cutter'.

All parrots even impossible to list, so the story about them, if you noticed, is the principle of 'most'. The most unusual parrot – a parrot Nestor kea, or, living in New Zealand. When immigrants were brought to the island of sheep, kea threw normal life – vegetarianism and switched to meat. Sheep farmers is often seen them on the dead sheep and was credited with parrots passion for killing sheep. And although wine parrots proved was not, they killed tens of thousands. Now they have practically no, and, as often happens now, and it turned out that these parrots are in no way guilty, they are scavengers. Some researchers believe that the kea is still not in alone, and the pack, able to peck the sheep, but only if it is itself 'is breathing its last. " So kea everything else operates and functions of 'techs' and do not deserve destruction and protection.

Especially because they have other habits unusual. Kea live in the snowy mountains and peaceful stroll among the glaciers, not paying attention to the cold or the snow storm. And the children they take is not so, as other parrots. I practiced kea 'polygamy', where it is sense that people in the East: the father takes care of several families of all families. And yet who's 'best-best' in the family of parrots? Fans of these birds probably say that it is – short-tailed gray parrot, or Jaco. Because he the most talkative of the parrot. Jaco can learn more than one hundred words and phrases. The main thing that always amazes 'speeches' parrots – is to interpret and another fact that is so funny for us, and binds to these birds. By myself Parrots have always regarded with anxious affection and reward yourself, 'road', a compliment like: "Good birdie. Ass – a good girl. " And to the owners usually – it is safe and critically. Budgie Kuzya recently invented a new morality to their owners. He was very angry says: 'In the place should be put. " And almost always this observation is valid!

Combustion Pyrolysis

Pyrolysis (gas generators) boilers in the Russian market – is nothing new. The consumer is already familiar with this name. His (the consumer) is not surprising that the gasification boilers are usually 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than traditional solid, because of their work time on one load of times greater than the time of the wood and coal-fired boilers. And that, ultimately, may be more important to consumers than the time of the boiler? Who wants to wake up middle of the night from the cold and his teeth chattering, escape into the boiler room to throw wood into the insatiable maw? Why, gasification boilers can run on a single batch of fuel per day and even longer? Of course, while their work may measured in a wide range depending on many factors, namely, the temperature outside, the required room temperature, the degree of warming houses, type and fuel moisture, but also on how well designed and installed heating system. But one thing is certain – gasification boilers significantly more efficient than traditional.

Why is that? First, the burning of wood, especially moist, it is impossible to achieve such high temperature as the combustion gas produced from them. Second, the combustion gas to less secondary air for combustion than wood, allowing higher combustion temperature and, hence, efficiency and burning time. Third, the process of combustion of pyrolysis gas is easier to manage, so the work of the boiler gas generator to automate virtually the same as natural gas or fuel oil.

Strategic Vision

H. DUBRIC of VENEZUELA for the world this Venezuelan businessman and Adviser to companies, from 1,974 devoted part of his time to the formation of the new Executive, which would be needed for this century, raised his voice of alert on the events that are upcoming for this new century, not only in economic, but political and social. That was how in 1990 he writes his first book birth of a new Executive, where clear left his postulates, that nowadays have an extraordinary effect. Let’s see: many countries to defend their economies will have getting out of any negotiating table and break old agreements, forced by circumstances to protect their industry and this will bring conflict between parts, friction, wars internal and external struggles economic power will not surrender and pretend to incorporate women and men related in any political system, bringing violence, chaos, confusion. All of this will generate terrible consequences. Industry the arms it will grow, mechanisms of corruption will be expanded and insecurity will be increasingly rampant, because people gave him an excessive psychological money value, and therefore, to the dirty war, exploitation, extortion, conspiracy, covert actions, injustices, they will advance at all levels. Soon it will be more than impossible emigrate to other countries, because each country will sovereignly, take measures to ensure well-being to its inhabitants.

That is why we must prepare ourselves, because expect us more tough times in which they are living. It will be supremely difficult to sustain as entrepreneur or Executive, anywhere in the world, because the events that are at the gates, are dramatic, political and social convulsion is the particular trigger that will NIP unsuspecting analysts alleged, without the natural disasters which arreciaran. We are marching increasingly towards times more critical that humanity has ever lived. Why is required psychologically prepared people, who knows how to handle with balance, without losing the enthusiasm, to extract the resources necessary for the survival of any circumstance’. For this purpose H.

Dubric, has delivered, the fifth system of direction and management of free initiative, which teaches how to reconcile external events by dramatic which are, with the serene psychological reflection, thus developing the genuine strategic VISION, who will lead us to safe harbor. The encyclopedic compendium of H. Dubric, is currently comprised of nine (9) works: birth of business, Strategic Vision (2006 seminar) and a new Executive, virtue, ethics and Moral Executive (seminar 2007), Crisis and future Domino effect does leadership?, how to overcome corruption and uncertainty of the future, the fifth system and management effective and the fifth system new order management where talks on how to deal with matters financial and business in these times of CRISIS.

Sun Leaves

Sami A. Husain Mushtawi University Professor, expert on Islamic issues remind God is an easy thing, but you forget and life catches you and you lose many blessings. God is your maker, thanks to him you live, you are here in this world, but not you realize all that. The brightness of the earthly world dazzles you and current takes you and you forget God. He calls you and you, nor case. You want to wake up from this sleep, but you are still in what they think is sweet dream.

Give some time God and turn to him. Look at what surrounds you and di: SUBHANA ALLAH, praise God. Everything is at the service yours, the waters that fall from the sky, plants that emerge from the bosom of the Earth, to navigate rivers and seas to get benefit, the Sun that heats you up, the wind that you cool and the shadow that covers you. Do you think that you’ve strayed too far? No matter again because Allah is waiting for you. Are your sins a lot? No matter equal Allah loves you. I gave these simple phrases and all sin will dissipate, if God wants. I’m going to translate this beautiful hadeeth and leave in your hands the solution of all your problems. Anas were Malik, may God be pleased with him, said the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, some time spent in front of a tree that bore upon himself dry leaves.

With a rod in his hand, the Prophet gently hit the branches and dry leaves that wore these dropped. Hence the Prophet said: you should know that ALHMDULILLAH, praise be to Allaah, SUBHANA ALLAH, glory be to Allaah, LAILAHA IL – LA ALLAH, there is no God but God, and ALLAHU AKBAR, Dios is great, make fall person’s sins as did the wand with the dried leaves of the tree. You’ve given, therefore, recipe. you have in your hands the solution of many problems. don’t look for as a out of you, but are simple things that you become distracted to do. Original author and source of the article.


This is enormous. And it must to fact that eBooks eliminates the inventory costs and shipments. You can put the same on sale eBook per years and derive an entrance from by life. The cost of updating eBook is minimum. In addition, to create eBook it is not required of any technical knowledge. Anyone can create it and commercialize it. the publishers are friendlier with the authors.

The authors can choose to publish his ebook with a publisher and they are due to reunite to discuss to the considerations of the contract between the publisher and they. Aspects like electronic publishing, rights of impression, duration of the contract, publicity, plan of sales, commercialization and distribution, are negotiated to obtain a benefit for both parts. The authors must animate them so that they become jumbled with the creation of eBook and to assure that the end item fills its expectations eBook can be finished and published quickly. He can take almost two years so that accepted manuscript, is printed and can reach the bookstores with a conventional publication. eBooks once finished is ready for the sale in few weeks. The same author eBook in very just a short time can be selling his.

eBooks can be reinforced with multimedia To create eBook must be a fantastic experience because a variety of interactive elements can be included multimedia that reinforce the experience of the reader. Within these reinforcements multimedia are the animations, graphs, photographies, audio, videos clips, music, sizes of sources and interactive connections of navigation, all these additional bonds lift the electronic publishing to a unique class. The authors can use these elements to illustrate the textual content more indeed. Variety of packings and formats of distribution. eBooks can be empacar and be distributed in more of a format. Easily they are duplicated in any format and they are possible to be producing following the demand. The majority of eBooks does not require of any class of packing. Other two methods of packing and distribution exist that are more popular. The physical costs of packing and distribution are next to zero. The first method is via email. His eBook, is kept in its computer and is redirected to its buyer by means of an attached file in a personal email after the payment has been confirmed. Its cost is only one local telephone call to send the electronic mail. The second method is the electronic unloading of his eBook from its Web site, where it can be unloaded by whatever it has realised the appropriate payment. In both methods, the reproduction of eBook does not exist any cost. Marketing and publicity Exist many methods available to promote and to commercialize his eBook. Internet has hundreds of abiertas doors to unpublished writers. It is very easy to enter the enormous world-wide market of the commercialization via Internet. The best thing of everything, is that you will have the exclusive right to commercialize his eBook and the people will only be able to buy it to you. Alternatively, it will be able to also create an agreement with other publishers who wish the distribution of his eBook.