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Month: November 2014 Better Manage Time

Love to all have one or two hours more in the day.Would work 10 hours a day and ensure that every hour is 20% more fruitful like?. Here are a few keys to start getting those 2 hours overtime a day. 1. Establish priorities and create a plan. It is easy to say that you want to prioritize your tasks. But, how can I do that? Has he heard the story about if fills a jar with small stones, there is no space to put the big rocks? How to fill the jug optimally is putting large stones first and then fill the jar with smaller stones. Finally you can add sand to fill all the spaces of air. The same applies to their tasks. You need to identify the key of 2 or 3 things that must get done every day and be sure to put them first in your calendar. Organize your time, identify their strategic tasks and define them as Big Rocks. That way you can dedicate time to carried out and not let the other less important tasks to hinder compliance with the really important. 2. Do not postpone unpleasant tasks. Postpone unpleasant tasks, are a huge waste of energy.The situation will worsen over time and there are times where probably your subconscious to focus on this task instead of focusing on something else. Treat them immediately. 3 Delegate. Let go the idea of having to do everything and that nobody else can do what he does. You can train, measure and maintain others responsible for carrying out tasks in the proper manner and time. One way to deal with those unpleasant tasks consists of delegate to someone who can make them. If you are a creative person who hates the operational tasks, delegate to someone who prefers the operational tasks. In this way both win! 4. Optimize your meetings. In addition to start and end your meetings on time, do not set unnecessary meetings. In addition, there is no rule that says that every meeting has to be an hour or even media hour. If anything there is nothing of value to add to the meeting, finish it ahead of time. Who would not want a few minutes extra on your day? 5. Simply say No. Sometimes it is necessary to draw the line. More than what you can is not compromised. You need to be available for its employees and customers, but remember that you must take control of the situation. Do not let others steal the time. Learn the art of saying no. Do this with grace.Do it sensibly and graciously guide you to earn respect. People know that you’re busy, it’s okay to put limits. Bonus tip: Create systems and processes. Another great way to optimize time and increase efficiency, productivity and quality, is the systematization of their business. You identify what makes over and over again and create a process of the same. Takes his time to create a process, but will reap rewards enormous for taking the effort to do so. Once the process is created, it will not only provide the above-mentioned savings previously, it will be much easier to delegate tasks to another person.

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Month: November 2014 Windows

Despite centuries of Christian history of our country, in fact, many rituals and beliefs were pagan. In many ways, it concerns the symbolism of house carvings. According to the beliefs of our ancestors, the house – a fortress. The house could evil spirits to enter only through the wooden window or door (as it is now). Therefore, window and door jamb began painting signs, charms, homemakers, Advocate, etc. In the beginning it was, in all visibility, just pictures ocher paint. Then, due to their fragility, people have cut marks-wards from the fact that it was close, and many – of the tree. Here the skill of the Russian people was manifested in full measure. For many century Russian masters with a knife and an ax was erected wooden palaces, churches, country cottages, set up household utensils, decorated with carved patterns. As a result, there were certain traditions, types and technique of wood carving. e with that approach. The largest spread, due to its relative simplicity, has procarved thread. Proreznaya carving – this thread with all the selected background. It can be geometric, of contour, zaovalennoy, with good performance and gives the product a pure delicacy and lightness, especially the clypeus, ledges and fences. Proreznaya carving can be done as in the technique of plane-thread (with a flat ornament) and the technique of relief carving. Flat procarved thread is often used to decorate the old Russian furniture. In applying this thread lockers and a screen under it as the background enclose the bright fabric.

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Month: November 2014 Twitter Advertisers

He began, trying to take advantage of the more than 100 million users who use Twitter. Timidly, the first sponsored tweets began appearing on the lists of topics of the moment, clearly marked with a small sign. With this system, advertisers pay a quantity so determined hasthags (those words that begin with #) appear in the list of Trending Topics getting more range. No doubt the traffic generated by these sponsored tweets is of better quality and much more centralized in the specific target of the product. But, for the vast majority of potential advertisers who could benefit from this business model, still is unclear how much is paid for this type of tweets, and much less the rates of ROI (return on ad spend) that the actions presented. Lately, Twitter has taken a step beyond the mere mention of ads on lists of trending topics, and has begun to send tweets directly to the tweet list of users, unless they are requested. This type of tweet can refer to Tweetdeck and Hootsuite users, familiar applications that allow you to handle social networking accounts (not only Twitter, hence its popularity), and is only available to advertisers who have been engaged in campaigns Promoted Trend and Promoted Account. In other words, this option is not open to everyone, but only to a small and select group of advertisers. Another comparative advantage is that listings pop in the Google results pages. The interesting thing is how Twitter decides who will receive this type of promotional tweets. This makes it based on a study of the personal preferences of users, based on the registration of persons who continues. Another issue that is not yet clear is what kind of control the advertisers may have on the audience that get you their tweets. I.e., for now, Twitter solves these issues by means of this study profiles and followers. However, it is expected that very soon, advertisers can select the recipients of your promotional messages. This will open the doors to tweets according to geographical orientation, and a new era of mobile marketing, the tweets received on the phone of the person, given that more and more, and covered by plans offered by telephone companies for 3 G navigation, a growing number of users connected through your mobile. Clearly, we are facing a new era of digital marketing. It is in the hands of users accept, or not, this type of advertising.

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