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Month: December 2014 IPUBI

This city had an esteem population, in 2004, of 23.971 inhabitants. Km possesss an area of 972,17 and is formed by the districts of: Ipubi (headquarters), Mountain range Branca and Serrolandia and for the town of the Mineradora Are Severino. The city is part of the Region of Development of the Araripe. This region represents 18.8% of the state territory with 18.576, 9 km and still encloses, the cities of Araripina, Bodoc, Cedar, Exu, Granite, Ouricuri, Moreilndia, Parnamirim, Willow, Santa Cruz, Filomena Saint, Serrita, Trindade and Verdejante. Its access if makes through BR-232 and PE-630. In 1938, agriculturists of some regions had started to inhabit the Farm Green Well, name inspired by a well that rare dried, its waters were crystalline, a part covered for aquatic plants that the green color of waters exaltava. These inhabitants had been attracted to this farm, for it to possess one ground predominantly argillaceous humid and of sufficient fertility, this had its localization in sop of the chapada one of Araripe. The Well supplied all the region, to the side had three great leafy trees, the juazeiro, the tamboril and barana, whose shades sheltered the people who passed there in search of the rest. Comboieiros of some surrounding regions transited for trails, vilarejos, towns and cities, carrying lombo of donkeys with leather luggages the regional products: salt, pineapples, fish, salty, flours and others. The shade of the trees was the main place where if it carried through the first fair in 1938, created for the necessity of the inhabitants that little by little grew and if it extended in caatingas of the high pernambucano hinterland. Of simple form its inhabitants had carried through the first fair, main demonstration of the progress of the place, without tents, only to the shade of the trees, where products artisan and typical foods of the region had been displayed.

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