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Month: June 2016 Caucasus Moscow

But the budget will need to spend more on health care, education and infrastructure … "In what will fly pretty penny Caucasus Moscow, today it is very difficult to say "- sums up the issue. Would add: a strategy not a word mentioned about the catastrophic shortage of specialists in the region, lack of technical and vocational schools, which should make these specialists. And this hastily cobbled together a program will save the North Caucasus? We were able to browse and "Transcript of Meeting on the socio-economic development of the Republic of Dagestan," with President of Russia. Specificity there was even less than in the article Newsweek. More memorable remarks confused Medvedev: "Do not move normally … Nothing has been done … We need to do a real fight against corruption, rather than trading post … If it will work, as being carried out, the result will be. " Response from the replica Khloponin and others, we realized the following: work hard, do exist, detailed design study, however, no calculations are made, but urgently needed money – to 3 billion, 5 billion this and still a good idea to add a couple of billion, just in case. On trade post said nothing – probably not ready to discuss this question. In the first days after the appointment of Khloponin analysts wondered what kind of personnel move this – set in the North Caucasus a man who has no idea about the specifics of the region. The main argument was simple: in the current situation around the head – the economy.

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