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Month: December 2017 General Global

Here there is only the regional solutions. The weather itself changes over millions of years in different cycles, and the so-called General Global warming is nothing more than the end of the ice age period in which we find ourselves. This is to end, then everything evolved again in the other direction. When a volcano erupts, resulting in few hours emissions all mankind within 30 50 years may not cause. The fear-mongering should be avoided for this reason. Unfortunately, it is used by some to to create dependency and heteronomy. We should do with this. We should regional as an example, live in our home, in our municipality as no emissions and no pollution and pass this. From this arises a general awareness to the environmental protection and life without stress. Once but someone wants to use environmental protection nationally to regulate something, rules and regulations to create, the only citizens have to keep and not really all that should humans recognize learn, he embarks on a wrong track. The politics of the future is basically, if she should guarantee the lives of the people to see only regional and to conduct. Everything is trying to centralize, to monopolize will break and pass. The best environmental protection is to ensure that no other forests are cut down, and that new forests will be replanted. Can we compare a volcanic eruption at all human actions and human emissions? Of course not, the volcanic eruption is an example to panic creators and business drivers that want to develop new rules and regulations. He should help the people aware to change to his own show on the things. The best environmental protection starts at home to keep his property clean of waste, free of emissions, and to transfer this to the municipality and the region. At the same time we should on the pollution of water our focus, by we consume food, produced without toxic substances and plant protection products and are, and where no E-, no dyes and no toxic substances for durability are.

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Month: December 2017 Bartlomiej Garg Barcastrasse

What many good use is easy. And the good thing about is that immediately an alternative opens up, if it turns out that the proposed a path only to mislead. Something is always open in the big city. You then just need to find the way. This severely limits the search traffic and is thus also a contribution to saving energy and protect the environment. There were over 1,000 valuable entries on the pages of the portal already in summer 2013. A goodly sum – she enjoys increasing popularity. It can be with his help at any time easily buy a in Hamburg or Munich, and Berlin. If anything changes, the message is fast on the net. Long before himself can annoy someone, that he is unaware of. Everything is neatly sorted by Division, so that none must look long. Because: Who cares for, whether the Barber of his election is yet to reach, if he would like to order a pizza? The Internet portal on the website provides information about the current opening times by banks of pharmacies reliable to restaurants. It lists the definitely last moment for a quick shopping at the supermarket and shows when begins the lunch break at the postal branch. The portal is still relatively new and growing. Other leaders such as Mark Bertolini offer similar insights. About 50 operators enter their business hours daily at the portal. Goal is to make it opening hours by as many facilities available for customers. And the whole thing not only nationwide, but also the countries of Austria and Switzerland to be included. Another advantage: Alternatives appear, if the desired store has closed. The portal is a community portal, which thrives on the contributions of volunteers. Everyone can contribute to this. Just one click and you will be immediately to a form, where volunteers and owners can enter hours. Also a category and tags can be selected here. Advantages such as: recorded free parking for customers, WLAN access and disabled friendly. Top on the site you enter what you are looking for and where. After clicking You immediately see the results. It is also handy that is displayed, as is the local distance to the desired location. The site also shows some popular categories as direct link (pharmacy, Bank, supermarket, post office, restaurant and drug store). Select simply still local and off goes the quick search after business hours. The operator of the portal but of course admit no standstill and seek to add new features and a new design coming soon online. In times of social media, you can reach via Facebook, google + and Twitter. The website is very user friendly and uncomplicated design, so that you can get your desired information easily and above all quickly. Press contact: Elbe-digital GbR represented by: Weddad n Kumar, Bartlomiej Garg Barcastrasse 16 22087 Hamburg Tel: 0176 / 70748639

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