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Month: February 2018 The Professor

One gives credit that the creative professor, in its pedagogical action will provide conditions so that its pupils inside develop the creativity of the activities proposals. It’s believed that Arena Investors sees a great future in this idea. The challenges and difficulties are many, therefore it becomes necessary to the search for solutions that they make possible practical educative attractive for the classroom. The change must start inside of us educators, adopting a critical conscience in the direction to contribute for the formation of people, for in such a way if it makes necessary envolvement with the work and comprometimento with the education the spite of the negative situations, as well as having and revealing optimistical attitudes with courage to run the risks that the changes generate. Next to this a great dose of autoconfiana is necessary, flexibility, initiative and persistence so that let us can live deeply a new creative process in classroom. (ALENCAR, 1996). To prioritize the pedagogical practical reformularization of one creative one is imperative in the days contemporaries. The necessary school to leave of being seen as an obligation for the pupil. Classroom is the ideal space for the great discoveries, to the point of the proper one educating to be surprised exactly obtains when expressing its ideas. Thus it will only pass of mere spectator of information for a creative idealizer in the educational process. Creativity and the Formation of the Professor When one is about the teaching formation, to nourish the creativity is to act with wisdom. The creative thought is not function only of the initial years of the escolaridade, therefore the institutions of superior education also play a significant role in what it says respect to the formation of the professional futures, fitting ace university to awake the creative potential that exists in each citizen in formation. (CHESTNUT, 2000). In the cultural context contemporary little space exists for the rationality technique, the critical thought is demanded significantly of each human being that he needs to write its proper history.

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Month: February 2018 Comfortable Authoring App For Oracle Fusion

Cloud application of legodo ag legodo ag is one of the first apps in the new Oracle cloud marketplace an app developed with legodo Powerdocsr comfortable authoring, which is within a few minutes from the Oracle cloud marketplace to install and to use. The cloud-based application is also optimized for mobile devices and can be seamlessly merged with Microsoft Office, also it is possible to integrate electronic signatures. legodo Powerdocsr was presented at the Oracle OpenWorld as one of the first apps in the Oracle cloud marketplace. The app is available now for Oracle Fusion available. Users of cloud based applications such as Oracle require merger usually a solution to create documents directly from the cloud out. This can be quotes, invoices or service documents. The Oracle sales and marketing clouds support only a few of these processes of House so that an app like legodo Powerdocsr is required for the creation of professional documents. The app is precise on special Tailored to the requirements of modern written communication and cloud applications and generated using the data and processes from Oracle Fusion interactive documents, for example, for sales and service departments. Oracle has selected legodo Powerdocsr as one of the first apps for the Oracle cloud marketplace, because the user can create fusion out every document with just a few clicks from Oracle. The high processing speed results that the app supports all required processes and guarantees the user a high degree of automation. A further advantage is the unlimited creation and distribution of documents. These can be distributed using the legodo application on each channel and on all devices and created also on mobile devices. Interactive documents as well as bulk documents are supported by legodo Powerdocsr. Powerdocsr has been listed as one of the first applications in the new shop at the Oracle cloud marketplace”, refers to Sven Korner, Manager cloud business with the legodo AG, on the importance of the solution. “This expresses the great potential of our app when it comes to documents such as offers, to generate invoices etc. directly from the Oracle cloud.” How easy, legodo Powerdocsr and Oracle Fusion work together, can be experienced in a short video. legodo Powerdocsr based on the customer communication suite (CCS) of legodo ag, a leading manufacturer of customer communications management software (CCM) and Gold partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork. You brings together as special features comfortable not only all information about customers from all business applications such as CRM and ERP systems, but offers also a free choice of the communication channels. Thus it opens up completely new dimensions in written customer communication.

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