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Month: July 2018 Souvenir

It rained, seemed that the nature cried! Impatient Sofia already looked at the clock, much worried. He was in the room with the fixed look in the gate of the garage waiting its husband to enter at any time All Saturdays were thus. But this had something that Sofia found different. It has minutes before its husband had on giving excuses, asking for that it was not worried. One more time the telephone touched, silences breaking it of the night. They had taken care of in the room, where two children with one of its cousins played video-game its, the son oldest of its sister Laura, the Amon. Mother, mother! She takes care of? Lady is pra, is the uncle Estevam. It takes care of. He was the brother new of its husband. She was not common to bind for it when it, its husband, was not in house. One remembered that it had said that would go to speak with the brother. Its brother-in-law inquired, very anxious: Sofia, the Joo this in house? , I already am not worried, because it not yet arrived. Without it finished to speak it intervined: It walks drinking? You know to say? , Did not say it me that he walks working. He comes to the hospital! He comes to the hospital! Its brother-in-law, hasty, said and repeated the same thing as an insane person. Sofia repeated the question of it. For the hospital! For the hospital! The shock passed for it is analogous to that we feel when leading a collision and the brain alone obtains to distribute pain and does not know where it is aching. At last it asks what she had, demonstrating much fear in its voice. Its brother-in-law says that he does not know you are welcome, and adds: He comes to the municipal assistance.

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Month: July 2018 The Occult

It feared He prevented it. He was even so But he did not obtain to forget the book. in so easy way it, the book, was there in its hands However, as that old one did not make the use being able of them of that workmanship for proper benefit, if had it in hands? Already wise person! Clearly! The book was destined it The old one certainly would be a predestined soul to deliver that gift to it. In its initial refusal in accepting the gift, it treated to again place the book in its destination was it there with, with its treasure in the hands. It arrived in anxious house, finally, and with a joy still contained. To have in the hands the power to possess the world excessively seemed something heavy, but at the same time possible and desirable. It liveed alone, just transferred of job. The city was small, did not have in it great attractive. To study the secrets of that book would be its bigger pastime. Already it was night. It wanted to read the book, to initiate its search to the infinite and the occult one. It was without a doubt somebody special thing. It felt a cold in the spine. It had fear of the invisible one. A natural emotion, it wanted to say itself exactly. It tried the crystal ball. It was concentrated, it tateou it, encircling with its hands, dedilhando an imaginary piano in thrush of that magical crystal It asked for to the occult forces of the universe quiet that showed the future to it It looked at well deep. Franziu the forehead, made a great effort, a certain physical force even. However, nothing it could see. The ball did not show nothing to it, nor a breach of future at least, or any another thing, that it was not its translucent beauty.

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Month: July 2018 The Following

It worked in its rhythm, that was well more sped up than of the majority of the laborers. They who contracted employed more. People behind job are what more she exists. Proper it is> unemployed per two years and five months. But, this occurs at another time, when not yet if it had become a competent pencil sharpener. Now, it was different! He would not be dismissed one day at least, case the Maguila did not engolisse the excuse that would have to arrange. In any way, the reply to be given to the master of workmanships, when it was sabatinado, it would be for the following day. Now it did not want more if to annoy with these thoughts. He needed to concentrate itself in what he would come for the front. After all, it was a monday – he consulted the clock: 7 hours and 43 minutes – and it was heading in the one against flow, making the embezzlement of its routine obligations, after to have left house promptly to the 5 hours and 30 minutes, with the objective to fulfill its day habitual. In one day normal, to that hour, it would be in the building in construction, waiting the moment to initiate the works. But, in that morning, the things had run away to the control. Three minutes had been enough, since that it enters in bakery, so that all that running if initiated and an eddy of took it to thoughts to reconsider the routine of the monday and to take those measures, in certain way, irresponsible. It was looking at the TV, while it took its coffee. Suddenly, a news article of great repercussion entered in air, opening the telejornal and the attention arrested it. By the way, not only of it, but of all the people that if found in the bakery.

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