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Month: May 2022 Past Perfect Productions

As of today the landscape has become a bit bigger, thanks to the publication of an official function in the time travel You take the ancient Rome in 3D on Google Earth. This, Google insists, will make it easier to explore this historic city as it was centuries ago. The collaboration between the University of California, and IATH at the University of Virginia, along with Past Perfect Productions and Google itself, has resulted in the most comprehensive collection of buildings in three dimensions on the map of Google Earth. (video inside) Within the 3D layer Ancient Rome You can find more than 6700 historic buildings to explore in detail 3D including the Roman Forum and Colosseum. You can even follow in the footsteps of the gladiators in the Ludus Magnus or fly under the Arch of Constantine. Google Earth provides a virtual representation of the city as it was on the cusp of du Gloria as the capital of the Roman Empire in 320 DNE. Bubbles of information written by historians, experts say that your visit is more than just a pretty sight. The mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, seems sufficiently impressed to comment on that? It’s an incredible opportunity to share the grandeur of ancient Rome, a perfect example of how new technologies can be allies ideals of our history, archeology and cultural identity. Michael Jones, Head of Technology for Google Earth adds:? For centuries people around the world has been fascinated by the Roman civilization. We are delighted to share the culmination of years of work of historians, artists, scientists and others with users of Google Earth. To visit ancient Rome just to see? Layers? (layers) on Google Earth and select Gallery, ancient Rome 3D.

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