Adequately Remunerated: Current Salary Study Provides Important Clues

Manager salaries in regard to GmbH are subject to gmbhchef ‘Managing Director remuneration’ has always been of a strict fiscal adequacy supervision, where the CEO is a partner at the same time. In the face of the current economic downturn and the upcoming annual audits, the question is: the Chief salary may be how much? of course all the more volatile. The independent investigation of salary structure the BBE media brings light into the control dark in this respect and provides comprehensive comparative data for the yields stranding of the appropriateness of Chef salaries within the relevant industry partners and managing directors, as well as the Treasury. In addition to the publication of monetary pole positions including in the industrial and services sector (2.773.610 and 2.449.000) also tips and strategies to avoid Steuerfallen are pointed out. So how can a CEO compensation be agreed tax sure? “Quite simply: recognized danger, danger averted”. Tax-sensitive hot spots, the it to avoid applies, in particular in the following constellations to find: the Managing Director earned significantly more than a colleague from the same industry at a comparably large GmbH.

problem: justification of above-average wages. The shareholder is Managing Director of a limited liability company, whose Bilanz has permanently low profitability. Problem: Justification of average salary; If necessary, salary reductions are here through the financial management expected. The Managing Director can be despite a profit downturn and poor profit forecast unchanged up his previous salary. Problem: Justification of the full content.

The Managing Director is one of several business leaders such as a smaller families GmbH. problem: justification of above-average or average salary; also here, salary reductions may expected by the Treasury. The Managing Director is in several limited liability companies as such working. Problem: Justification of uncut only content due to special benefits; If necessary salary reduction multiple management due to. To achieve an optimal design of the remuneration and to avoid differences with the IRS should modelled at the amount of the remuneration of the Managing Director on the salary structure data and with an increased effort of justification before the Treasury expect any deviations.