Administrative Consultoria Tips

Keywords: The purpose of this paper is you minimizes the errors committed by people who choose the profession of the consultant, not seeking you the base it in reality, but in everyday impulses you follow path that requires constant awareness of the facts, you search will be resolutions of problems that ploughs presented daily. A consultant ‘ ‘ in fact ‘ ‘ he must at least have a Graduation in specific area and After-Graduation or Mestrado coincident, to facilitate the agreement of this profession that it not only directs, but that also it has an intention to transform the routine and the life of the entrepreneur and its collaborators. In some times, the mission and vision of an organization have of being rethink when the transformation if becomes very drastic. This sends to a responsibility that can bring good or bad precedents, depending on as it will be overcome these decisions when they will have difficulties to be exceeded, as much for the organization how much for the consultant.

The primordial one for a consultant is the differential that it can offer soon to the customer in the first meeting. Differential this that is to give to all the attention and to listen to it. The consultant whom he knows to hear has a bigger probability to gain the confidence and consequentemente to close a business with this entrepreneur. People have the necessity of speaking and being understood so that its yearnings are ranks in practical. To know to take care of and to understand in efficient and efficient way the necessities of each person is the main gear if ‘ ‘ estar’ ‘ a consultant. The consultoria exists to direct the abstract wills of the entrepreneurs in concrete facts, that of certain form, if become more perceivable stakeholders (all the ones that they have some type of linking with the company, being able to be internal or external people), during the existing transistion that if makes necessary when they are started to change the ambient and structural-hierquica order in the company. The search for readings is through specialized books, magazines or articles, as well as participation in seminaries, lectures and meeting of the regional advice, place the intent consultant to the reality that if it transforms to each day. To know to deal with people requires a waist game that the experience only can make to ripen. the experience starts with a period of training in some company, so that it has a percipient and postural ambientao on what it is to be a consultant, and as it is the funcionabilidade of the taking the decisions the short and long stated periods. Not forgetting that a consultant never must go of first in solution that if makes more reasonable, but to go of second or third, so that edges are not left to be aparadas for a taken way impulsively.