Agrovolokno Plants

Watering is performed through the material. As required material can be a little release, without taking off the ridge. If plants require pollination by insects, at the time of flowering material is removed from the garden and falls at the end of the ovary. If pollination is not required, it is recommended not to withdraw agrovolokno-17 to harvest. ii Agrovolokno 1923 uv (plant protection), white linen, lightweight, has a homogeneous structure. This is the best protection of plants from the average frost, sun, wind and hail. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. Well lets water and air, has a high light transmission and protects it from frost from -3 C to -5 C, protects plants from overheating, accelerates ripening and improves the productivity of small fruit and vegetable crops.

Used in the beds, inside the greenhouses, and to create a mini hotbeds of free-standing plants. Method of Use: Covering material dotted sprinkled with stones, earth, etc. the entire length of the canvas. Hide agrovolokno after the period of possible severe frosts. After harvest material removed from the beds, shake or opolasnut in water. Store in a dark place until next season. iii Agrovolokno 1930 uv (to cover any plants in the garden or greenhouses / polytunnels) Agrovolokno 30 – the best option of protection plants from severe frost (up to -6 C), winds, torrential rains and scorching sun. Designed specifically for the possibility of universal use of the material as a cover for greenhouses and hothouses, and for the shelter plants land. During the autumn frosts and cold winds keeps the soil warm and prevents freezing of the roots and planting can harvest 10-12 days later than usual.