Publish an electronic bulletin or newsletter is an excellent tool to keep in contact with our clients and potential clients. However, many times we are faced with certain difficulties in implementing it. Alexandria K. Brown, known as the eZine Queen or Queen of electronic newsletters, presents one of his recent articles 3 alternatives that perhaps we have not considered to publish our own newsletter. Many times, we simply postpone the issue to avoid adding one task! Well, there are options and we can automate it through systems of auto replies. Alexandria, suggests the following 3 simple alternatives: 1. the always Green: basically a newsletter whose content can be written in advance.

An example might be a brief weekly tips. In this case, you need to enter 53 tips to have ready all year round. Simply, using an autorrespondedor system will establish the frequency in which this series of tips will be distributed automatically to their Subscribers. Bovine mini-curso by e-mail: surely, you are an expert in your industry or has some experience and you can share with your clients and potential clients. Simply select a topic in particular and write a brief series of e-mails with the chapters of the course. Then, copy and paste each one of these texts in their system of autorrespondedor and will be distributing the mini-curso automatically where you will receive subscriptions.

3.Solo promotions: this alternative is generally for when selling products. In this case, you can offer a subscription in which indicates the visitors of your site that only you will be sending information with any offers or special announcements. Do not overlook this possibility. There will be those who will sign with the certainty that you will communicate in some opportunities. You have a subscription form on your Web site is an excellent tool to build your base of contacts. It is better to have something to not have anything! Already you will have time to improve it, but remember: the important thing It is to begin! Stay connected with your customers and potential customers!