American Psychiatric Association

“Detskayapsihiatriya.”. Passers kakpravilo, . Volunteer Citizens Commission on Human Rights, opposed the setting of unjustified children pseudo-scientific diagnoses such as Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity. The last diagnosis was established in a simple vote of the American Psychiatric Association in 1987. Now he placed in Russia. In St. Petersburg, psychiatrists of the “Children’s mental health” is actively promoted by the diagnosis.

What gives the diagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity? The booklet, “Citizens Commission on Human Rights – an international supervisory body in the mental health field, “explains that in the USA, New York school psychologists and psychiatrists coerced Patricia Weathers give her psychiatric medications 10-year-old son Michael, after he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity. Within six months, the boy became withdrawn, uncommunicative, lost sleep and appetite. The mother stopped giving him drugs, and Child Protective Services then accused her that she is not engaged in health of his son. She managed to defend their parental rights to obtain an independent medical report, which said that the problems associated with her son taking psychiatric drugs, and that the child really needs help in learning. Later, Patricia Weathers has created its own parent group that protects parental rights. St. Petersburg Civil Human Rights Commission does not want to repeat the above tragedy to the Russian Federation and CIS countries.