The found archaeological small farms are in agreement the lticos vestiges, 3 Lito-Ceramic Small farms, 20 Small farms, 4 ceramic, 1 petroglifos and 1 description, being that, until the moment in two areas of alcohol plant works of archaeological rescue and patrimonial education had been only carried through. Being thus, beyond this factor predominantly ignored by ambient agency SEMA-GO, entrepreneurs and IPHAN, the areas that by law would have to be contemplated archaeological studies they are being erroneamente omitted during the phases of release of the installation licenses, as well as, areas that for law would have to be object of studies on the cultural patrimony. The responsibility of workmanships of the sucroolcooleiro sector is not only in constructing the plant with the built structure, it would have to be extended to a commitment in over all developing works that objectify the preservation of the memory, the identity culture and, in preserving history, important item for the formation of a nation. To present these works to develop projects in set with the municipal authorities being created initiatives that objectify the preservation of the cultural patrimony, they would be initiatives that would demonstrate to a bigger sense of responsibility and respect with a common cultural inheritance the entrepreneurs and authorities. Currently they are the works of archaeology in sucrolcooleiras areas and that they call the attention the authorities and entrepreneurs for the responsibility of each one in the preservation of the patrimony and valuation of the same. is thanks to the scientific results gotten in the rescue works the archaeological small farms (when carried through) in the areas of plant of alcohol improvement that one parcels out of the cultural patrimony this being preserved. ' ' Educative activities in Archaeology would have spontaneously to be motivated, much more that lapsing of an ethical principle. If the archaeologists not to understand as Archaeology in the aid to understand the past and the gift, others will be able who know, to define archaeological small farms as ' ' Mines of Ouro.' ' ' ' (Herscher & McManamon apud, Fernandes, the 2007) Ahead of these problems factor patrimonial education would be an alternative to brighten up the constant disrespect that the archaeological and cultural patrimony comes suffering with the descumprimento from the law and destruction from archaeological small farms in workmanships modificadora from the environment.