Argentine Hugo

publishers as Foton produced thirteen titles in 1973 of dubious quality. Sudamericana wanted to assimilate to the Nebulae Spanish and I think Galaxy by Marcial Souto head, while Emece edited twenty-one titles of this literary current. Came the military to rot the stew but the CF named as literature of evasion or because the soldiers did not understand well what the matter was. Minotaur prudently moved to Barcelona and Best Seller came to stay but an entire generation churned used books recovering imagination and losing freedom. Oesterheld disappears. Vinelli publishes his guide the reader of CF, Ed. convergence, 1977. Our Eastern brethren: Levrero, Diaz and Norma Viti wrote in the magazine of fantasy directed by Souto and CF.

Exits the vislumbrados universes, anthology compiled by Gandolfo and Pessina. Entropy also directed by Souto shows an excellent example of rioplatense art with the short novel city of Mario Levrero, the magazine takes a single number. The same director in collaboration with Cascioli saca two supplements of CF in the Humor magazine, then they create pendulum an important sample of quality and content, reflotaran it then with 10 luxurious deliveries until editions La Urraca makes last attempt to pull forward, it will tell is without doubt the best CF magazine, design, presentation, and content that has been published on any site (San Lundwall. Swedish, revisionist of CF). In 1983 to 86 Souto returns with Minotaur and the same team of pendulum.

Creates the award beyond a kind of Argentine Hugo. 1991 Latin American Convention CF. The current River Plate writers by name some are Gardini, Leverero, Gorodischer, Bajarlia, Gandolfo, Souto, Jimenez, Signes, Moledo, Goligorsky, Vanasco almost all them were reading, translating and soaking with the foreign CF, but they have taken a characteristic and an unquestionable quality. Some of them are can criticize for being too meticulous, nostalgic but no remove merit, being pioneers in a genus as this in an unfavourable geographical location, away from the technological centres and with the immanent belong to the third world reality, it is too much what they do.