Art City

Since the decade of 1990, its manifestos conclamaram the state to give priority to the collective interests on the private ones, imposing to the chaos of the existing cities the construction of a new type of city based on its managing plans. this idea of planning is vital for the identity of the modern state: it motivates the authorities politics to try to create and to legitimize new types of public spheres, with new citizens and subjetividades that them correspondam.’ ‘ (HOLSTON, 1995, p.244-5) Ceres it was born projected, the least mentally, for Sayo Bernardo, while Rialma was born of what it remained of Ceres. Rialma is more than adjacent the Ceres. It is product of Ceres. But not produced intentionally, and yes for that they had not had perspective to enter the there same Colony and if they had installed. In the right edge.

Side attributed generally and iconographicly to the correct one and what it is important, of this time, if gave today what he was provisory and is periphery. Giulio Carlo Argan, in its book ‘ ‘ Hitria of the Art as History of the Cidade’ ‘ (1998), it argues the architecture and the culture of the city, ‘ ‘ the drama of the cities that swell without having one estrutura and it finishes with the following commentary: ‘ ‘ The great cultural task of the architects, today, is the recovery of the city, and it does not matter that the cure of the sick city is, as program, less shining of what the invention of new cities. she is necessary that the architects, in the quality of technician specialists of the city, retake the control of its management, of its changes.