After some rotations, due to force centrifugal machine, this film of I eliminate is dragged until the open section of the rotating cup. When arriving here, this fine ring is obliged to leave, and as it leaves to have the cup to support its form, it breaks up millions of small drops. The objective of this type of atomizers is, therefore, to create a film of eliminates more finishes possible, so that this if disintegrates completely, when it arrives enters in contact with the air volume of the combustion (to see figure 6). The air of combustion introduced here is mixed the fuel so that reaction occurs, and also to control the ray of disintegration of the fuel, that is, in case that this air volume did not exist I eliminate, it that it left the cup, could be directed directly for one of the walls of the boiler, not being pulverized and not reacting. This type of atomizer better has resulted when an oil heavy of what is used with a light oil.

The more viscous it is the oil best is its resistance to the rotation. The oil more fast folloies the speed of rotation of the cup, and slides less on proper itself, resulting in a film of I eliminate more I finish and perfect. With these characteristics, the atomizer needs a well-taken care of greater of maintenance, as well as bigger control of the viscosity of the fuel. 3,5 Atomizers of sprayed coal: They impose movement of rotation in the mixture coal it spray elementary school, many of them has ducts combustible assistant (oil, gas), generally the fuels auxiliary are used for the firing and heating of the boiler, the coal after starts to be inserted in the boiler that the same one is warm. Figure 1 shows one partial cut in a burner of sprayed coal.