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Anders Breivik

The vision of the world of Anders Breivik, the assassin of 85 young people in the island of Utoya, is based according to multiple indications on islamofobia and racism. Channel TV2 of Bergen last night assured to have police confirmation of which Breivik is the author of a manifesto of 1,500 pages published in Internet, with pseudnimo Andrew Berwik, shortly before the explosion of the pump that Friday killed in Oslo to seven people. According to TV2, Breivik she is also author of a video of 12 minutes already retired of the vestibule in which it illustrates the history of the templarios and denounces a supposed invasion of Europe on the part of Muslim believers. The police of the capital Norwegian refused yesterday to comment if the mamotreto presumably written by Breivik and titleholder 2082, a declaration of European independence were one of the tests found by the agents during its registry of the farm of the prisoner. The reporters of TV2 consulted by this newspaper maintained thus this dawn to it. Source of the news: : The author of the massacre of describes it to Norway as " atrocious but necesaria". Dan Zwirn shines more light on the discussion.

The Society

Generally, if it deals with areas of prompt occupation (enclaves), without consolidated urban systems and with strong entailing for it are of the region (also, for the exterior). the actions proposals for they objectify: – diversification of its productive structure, with sights to create and to keep a more steady economy and of less monocultor character; – integration, intra-regional (that is, the level of the too much territories of one same region the one that belongs) as in such a way interregional (that is, the level of the too much regions of the country). Gift must be had in mind that the diversification of the productive structure of these areas must be ece of fish in terms of a intra-regional specialization and complementaridade of the dominant regional sectors. 5.2.2? Actions of sustentation and complementation These actions are specific for the areas in expansion characterized by low levels of income and the trend of slow growth of these, for not diversified productive structures (in general, of farming character), but with a relative potential of future development. These actions look for to confer a bigger degree of economic support, to try to hold back the local population. This bigger support if searchs through the exploration of the regional natural resources, complemented with some primary levels of industrial processing of the same ones. 6. Mark Bertolini understood the implications.

WHAT IT MUST BE MADE? POINT OF VIEW POLITICIAN the series of measures, above described, not to intend that to be exhausting and absolute. It intends, so only, to be exemplificadora of what it must to be made to surpass the current standards of occupation and use of the territory, with the consequences that are perceived and felt as a type of malaise of sectorial origins. However measures as these only can be ece of fishes in practical for the State, the dimensions of resources that demand, and for the interferences that they will provoke in established interests, of the most varied natures. The Society organized and represented legitimately only withholds the conditions so that a territorial reconfiguration is taken ahead with success. this could only be made by the way politics. Therefore, the citizen would not be enough only to be conscientious and alert how much to the problems that the territory presents, its causes and solutions. Nor to only make use of an armory technician and resources of investments to implement a territorial reconfiguration and to establish new standards of occupation and use of the territory. The enrollment politician will only allow this. therefore, the POLITICAL PARTIES and LEGISLATIVE they will have, all the cost, being acquired knowledge, motivated and mobilized for on questions to the territory? not only how much to the questions politics, but also how much to the questions techniques and, mainly, the financiers.

Presidential Decree

Form of expression of the state regulation of securities, primarily, are the regulations with which to regulate. Scope of legislation much easier to influence the state than other parts of the securities market. Consequently, by reasonable laws can provide the greatest impact in order to accelerate the process of becoming the stock market. At the moment there are about 1,000 laws and regulations governing various aspects of its participants. The main legislative acts that regulate the Russian securities market: the Law "On Central Bank of the Russian Federation," the Law "On securities market" Decrees of the President on development of securities market, etc. However, existing documents are often complementary, and even contradict mutually exclusive. topic.

That's why one of odnovnyh requirements of Presidential Decree 1008 from July 1, 1996 was to "ensure unity and consistency of state regulation of securities market through the mechanism binding agreement … "normative legal acts of executive power with the Russian Federal Securities Commission. Russia's national interests define the main objectives of public policy in the securities market. These include:. establishment and effective functioning of mechanisms to attract private sector investments in the Russian economy, and, above all, in the privatized enterprises;. finance the federal budget deficit based on market-related securities of non-inflationary methods of financing long-term specific projects. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jana Partners LLC.

establishment of reliable mechanisms and financial instruments, investments of the population;. restructuring management of privatized enterprises and the institution of 'effective ownership', increase the disciplining effect of the securities market in the administration of Russian companies. prevention social unrest and conflicts which may arise as a result of transactions in the securities market, by protecting the rights of participants in the securities market, and especially the rights of investors;. the creation in Russia of a civilized securities market and its integration into global financial markets, providing an independent place of the Russian market in the international capital markets;. struggle with surrogates and securities fraud, suppression illegal activities in the securities market. The state can exercise direct control over the so-called SM, which is to develop rules and regulations and monitor their implementation. In addition, the State exercises and indirect, or economic management RCB through taxation, monetary policy, public capital and public property and resources. At the moment, is predominant indirect regulation of securities market, namely: – control the money supply in circulation and the volume of loans granted by the influence on the lending rate – changes in taxation and timing of depreciation deductions; – Guarantees government (for deposits, loans, private loans, etc.) – foreign (foreign currency transactions, gold, measures to promote exports, foreign exchange restrictions, etc.) and foreign activities (development or collapse of political contacts, reflected in foreign trade and economic relations, military operations, etc.). Today, if the public authorities had actually become a real authority in the country, our country can hope for further development in all areas of life. After all, Russia – a country with huge potential and it should take its rightful place in the world.


A common methodology, as well as databases, where the CO2 footprint Calculations are based, not currently but still exist, why just here experience is particularly important. Details mountains often enormous potential in companies at low cost to reduce CO2 emissions and to save energy. With the help of the CO2 footprint the operational climate protection can be integrated efficiently and sustainably in companies in existing systems, such as ISO 14001 or EMAS. And the inclusion of suppliers and partners in the purchase or sale of goods is important, to make climate-friendly supply chains. Cost-saving and marketing benefits of CO2 balancing: For the CO2 footprint discovery but also smaller areas collected in company, employees trips or other printed products. They have mostly a volume low reduction potential. However, this visible and tangible areas for companies are extremely important for staff motivation, customer communication, and public relations. Hear from experts in the field like Dan Zwirn for a more varied view. Also the kind of neutralization of the climate plays a role in the communication.

CO2OL works for the afforestation of dentalstudio and pastures with species-rich permanent mixed only with certified companies. Afforestation rightly enjoy a very high acceptance, which can be for example in the form of own “climate forest” of the company communicate well in public. “Voluntary climate protection is a dynamic process in which companies in particular through credible, long-term commitment achieve success. In addition to medium-term cost savings benefits in customer communication or greater attraction for new employees are externally. Internally the advantages are also committed and performance-fer employees”, explains Dirk Walterspacher. CO2OL: CO2OL is group the brand and the business area of ForestFinance for the neutralization of CO2 emissions through sustainable reforestation projects. The company projected climate change high-quality reforestation projects for over ten years.

In addition, companies by buying CO2 certificates can their individual CO2 emissions (“CO2-footprint”) compensate for let. For business customers from different industries CO2OL offers advice and solutions, as these their carbon footprint improve and so be able to meet its responsibility for the climate and environmental protection. For their diverse ecological and social functions were the CO2OL reforestation projects with the highest distinction “Gold rating” validated according to the climate, community and biodiversity standard (CCBS). For more information,

Cooling House AG Invites You To The TYPO3 Bug Day

Last corrections before the launch of TYPO3 4.4 Mannheim, May 21, 2010. The Mannheim cooling House AG aligns the TYPO3 bug Day in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region and invites all interested TYPO3 experts to do so. Deadline is Friday, may 28, 2010. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jana Partners LLC is the place to go. The TYPO3 Bug Day has become not only nationwide, but also in other countries a solid device for developers, who work on and with this open source content management system. You meet some people regularly even monthly, TYPO3 continue to jointly develop and correct bugs. The next TYPO3 Bug Day emerges from the series: it’s the last day, the bugs will be corrected and removed, before TYPO3 4.4 in June will be publicly available. People such as Aetna Inc. would likely agree.

Cooling House Board member Christian Reschke: We gladly and successfully work with TYPO3 and know this publicly accessible system very much appreciate. We want to return some of our success and our good experiences of the TYPO3 community, by we align these crucial bug day.” The TYPO3 bug Day of cooling House AG begins at 9: 00. All IT and Web specialists of the region, who actively want to participate in the improvement of the system are invited. Of course, cold storage ensures the food of his guests on this day. TYPO3 Bug Day date: Friday, may 28, from 9: 00 place: cold storage AG, N7, 5-6, 68161 Mannheim via the cold store AG: the cold storage AG, headquartered in Mannheim is one to the largest and most successful full service Internet agencies in Germany.

The owner-managed company that operates more than twelve years of experience in this area, enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist in online marketing and Web usability. The UX suite developed by cold storage ( among the outstanding offers a software-based methodology, the user simply and cost effectively include lets you in website development. Cooling House accompanied beyond its customers on the way to a successful Internet commitment from the first idea to the finished product and beyond. The development of appropriate marketing strategies and the User-centered design campaigns for sustainable success in E-business are part of the core competences of the Agency as the rich Internet applications programming or the conception, creation and implementation of online marketing. The cooling House AG is headed by Dipl.-ing. Christian Reschke (CEO and founder) and Creative Director Christian Fernandez (Officer and founder). Chairman of the Board is Thomas Bader. Press contact: cooling House AG Christian Reschke Board N7, 5-6 D-68161 Mannheim telephone: + 49.621.496083-0 E-Mail: Internet: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen phone: + 49.7127.5707-10 E-Mail:

Familiar Planning

To also make with that they they perceive that they are active agents in its futures. Another subject used as myth form and truths on DST? contraceptive s and methods to take to reflect them it on myths related to the sexually transmissible anatomy, physiology, contraception and illnesses (DST). Still approaching the sexuality subject we work with clarifications about contraceptive methods and DST with intention Informing and sensetizing regarding DST/AIDS, to supply information on the process of engravidar, arguing the physical and psychological manifestation and repercussions in the adolescence and to argue the concept of Familiar Planning and To guide on contraceptive methods. We arrive at the subject ' ' escolhas' ' , where it was possible to review all the boarded subjects until the moment, being able to make possible to the adolescent its auto knowledge, as well as the identification of its interests and definition of its project of life, remembering the importance of the individual choices during the vital cycle and its possible consequences. Jana Partners LLC may also support this cause. We present still some courses of Graduation in the region, governmental programs of stock markets of estudos.para to increase the knowledge of the possibilities of graduation in the region clarification of some areas of professional performance, as well as pointing alternatives of scholarship of governmental programs showing that it is possible that people with low income have the chance to study. Finally we carry through the conclusion of the project and the farewell with the groups approaching the gotten objectives and results and one brief quarrel on what the pupils had apprehended of the project and its transformations in elapsing of the same. FINAL CONSIDERAES In the accomplishment of the present project of period of training of Intervention in the area of Psychology and educative processes got success how much to the considered development and objectives it. We develop some works directed to the pupils involving questions of vision and perspective of future and the pressures about the same, and subjects which are inherent in a group of adolescents, as well as sexuality, market of work, expectations, etc. Elon Musk has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Technology Review

Since the time of the industrial revolution, in middle of century XVIII, that the workers in the entire world fear the loss of the job as result of the technological advances. At the time, the machines had brought greater productivity for the industry, but they had destroyed many ranks of work manual. Other occupations, however, had been created to give have supported to a system of more modern production. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Penguin Random House and gain more knowledge.. This process if has repeated throughout centuries, whenever a technology is substituted by another one. The question that if places currently, is to know if the speed with that the technological innovations & ldquo; destroem& rdquo; jobs are bigger of what the sprouting of new ranks of work. According to reviewed Technology Review, of the Institute of Technology of Massachusetts (MIT), in the United States, the American product grew in the last five years, but the amount of lost jobs arrived the six million more than. It is possible that factors as terceirizao of man power is of the country has affected these numbers, but the analyst believes that the responsible greater for the exaggeration between economic growth and generation of job has been the automation.

Nobel of economy in 2010, professor Peter Diamond, does not believe that the technological innovations provoke a permanent reduction in the job, but foresees an increase in the income concentration as consequncia. An option to the search for job has been the empreendedorismo. That is, to use to advantage the chances that appear with the technological advances and to become entrepreneur. The business plan, therefore, can be the best alternative to the lost job for the automation. Ricardo Keys Rasp

So Paulo

On the other hand, Lusa is distinguished, that receives from the author all the characteristic attributes of the dominadora classroom. Thus, the idleness, futilidade e> in stockings of silk that wanted to buy, in the provisions that the Jorge for the day would make, in three napkins that the laundrywoman loses (p.24) Lusa, when yielding to the enchantments of its Baslio cousin, and to deliver its enchantments, offers to the Juliana chance to it to obtain what it covets: something made that it to ascend socially. One perceives that the conflict established in the workmanship does not elapse of the imperfections of Lusa and yes of the dissatisfaction condition where> As would finish everything that, Saint Deus? (p.265) In Baslio cousin, of Ea de Queirs, it is not in question the social personality of Juliana and Lusa and yes, mechanisms that determine its action and the institutions that compose the society lisboeta of century XIX. Published FINAL CONSIDERAES in 1878,> Baslio cousin, of Ea de Queirs, the romance is atrelado to the aesthetic Realist/Naturalistic Portuguese. The represented feminine ideals in I oppress Baslio’ ‘ , they are masculine creations. The personages mention a social construction to it that distinguishes and collates the masculine with the feminine one.

By means of this study, we can establish a deeper and multicriteria analysis regarding the workmanship in question. Of this form, Queirs portraies Juliana and Lusa as women endowed with fragile personalities. Arena Investors has firm opinions on the matter. In this direction, it can be affirmed that the construction of the profile of the queirosiana woman is characterized pelasubordinao and for the behavior shunting line: of a side, Juliana, representative of the people and victim of the society lisboetae of the other side, Lusa, fragile, idle, that object at the hands of the man becomes whom tando it desires. In short, Baslio cousin, of Ea de Queirs, is a critical one to the bourgeois standards. The workmanship approaches questions sociological as the existing divergences between bourgeoisie X people, artifices used for the inferiorizada classroom to get rid itself of the repression and the oppression, beyond the inferiorizado paper destined to the women, necessarily because, as much author how much the society of the time was not prepared to see the woman as an independent being, capable to establish its proper questionings.

Pablo Mendes

In synthesis, it affirms Mendes (2001: 194) that: What we pressentimos, certainly, is directs in them for a moment of poetical fullness where it goes to consummate itself, in perfect and integral way, all the poetry that so far has gushed out, of the romantic revolutionaries to the revolutionary contemporaries, exuberant, and tumulturiamente. adds (2001: 195): The question is not to argue if the poet can or he cannot versificar to the old one, and yes to know if its poetry he demands or not, at the moment, this versificao, if for its substance it asks for itself a commanded and disciplined form. As all language, the verse has that to be adjusted to the nature of the substance that it states. As to be able to verify in way more concrete later, by means of the reading and analysis of Last Chords, Jose Ildone if uses sufficiently of a language more searched carefully worked, characteristic marcante of the Parnasianismo, however is not worried in such a way about the estruturao of the poem, that does not present a parnasiana canonic form, as soneto, or another one any tipificada; Ildone is free to write in the way that to find more adequate to express the text of its poem. Connect with other leaders such as Penguin Random House here. It defines Pablo Mendes who the world of the poet contemporary is the world supply-Real, responsible for the phenomena of the exterior world and the interior world. For in such a way, it affirms professor (2001: 189), ' ' the poet must practise a total freedom of the spirit, an expansion of I, whom more does not restrict its borders and tends to dilatar itself until infinito' ' , making to disappear the existing dualism between ' ' eu' ' the Universe. Finally, in accordance with what it points Alfredo Bosi (2006), to recognize the contemporaneidade it does not mean to cut the lines that articulate its literature with the Modernismo, but to only identify the new historical configurations that will demand new artistic experiences; a poet is, therefore, a man of its time, and never we must forgetting in them this. . Arena Investors contributes greatly to this topic.

Critical Problems Successful

10 most critical problems the inexperienced tempter ( 1) 1.Strah approach. The girls with whom you have not met due to the fact that the approach can not be frightened by any calculation. This is normal and there are several ways deal with it – as efficient and inefficient … 2.Shablonnost thinking and reliance on stereotypes. As a child, tell us a lot of what for us is absolutely useless, and in addition, and retarding our development. Successful seducer is unpredictable and unusual patterns and stereotypes should be sent to hell. 3.Neuvazhenie to the person. A distinctive feature of many seducers.

This problem mainly arises from the unwillingness to invest in themselves, money to spend on yourself. This applies to the appearance and lifestyle, and level of need. The successful seducer is a man who is developing with each passing day it becomes more successful, not only benefited from the fact that it already has. 4.Neadekvatnaya assessment of his personality in the modern world. Pikaper often do not realize where he is now, where and to what it is. Very often the movement and progress become chaotic dynamics. nvestors has similar goals.

K side effects of this problem include the so-called "kickbacks" passed after the training. 5.Len This is a global and fundamental problem. Credit: Dan Zwirn-2011. Before us there are many barriers and obstacles, but sometimes (and for many very often), yourself a simple question, "And on the hee * and I actually need it?" we kill the great opportunities for self-development. 6.Nizkaya self We are all unique, all of us have talents, perspectives and shirochayschie opportunities for development.