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Assembly Schools

All agree that to achieve a normal functioning of the educational system of a country, the regulations should be adequate, clearly understood and respected by all. In this framework, respectful of the existing rules, the discussion today is installed. So declamada self-management of schools during the Decade of the 1990s has succumbed before achieving a minimum level of development. In the first instance, the vaunted self-management was not other things more than the means by which managers of schools tried to give solution to the distressing problems that afflict its institutions. Dramas such as infrastructure deteriorated, inadequate, lack of teaching materials, computers, books, etc .fueron finding solutions through the actions of the Assembly of teachers. Achieved the objectives relating to infrastructure and educational material, was something careless management of the pedagogical. Always schools pedagogically functioned as if they were part of a structure from which they cannot escape, say better, be released. Add to your understanding with Dan Zwirn.

This assertion is based with the observations that can be made into a walk during a school day. Anything that differs one from another school is there. There are schools located in the mountains, others on the plain, on the end and warm North and up the southern cold. In all of them, in the field or in the center of the cities, the daily activities of children seem to be as a tracing. Are they all children equal? Are they all equal teachers? Does everybody have the same knowledge and equal needs? It is obviously not so. Why in all or almost all schools are reiterated for centuries the same routines? If there are some changes, they are really minimal. Change the modes of relationship between children and teachers, parents and managers, between parents, but school routines don’t change. At least not present substantial changes. Are teachers free to produce such changes? Is it necessary to change? They want teachers produce changes? do may or may not do it? They have freedom of self-management or it was just a fad of the 1990s to do that if we change, but we do not? Those transiting through schools, aggravating the gaze on the daily routines and – within the framework of respect for the rules that ensure the orderly functioning of the system – rethink if teachers continue reiterating the same thing because we wish it so, because we believe that it is better or because we lack freedom and enough self-esteem to do so.

IVAG Launches Distribution For IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 2

IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG acquires exclusive distribution of the new Fund of IFK Sachwert Munich, 22nd December 2010 the IFK initiator company for capital investments AG continues its successful product series with the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 2. The bat group from Munich is responsible for the management of the Fund. The sales coordination nationwide exclusively assumes the IVAG / IV innovative distribution concepts AG. The IVAG had successfully sold already the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1. The IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 2 has a fund size of 74 million and invests in German commercial real estate. The investment strategy foresees the scattering in multiple objects with different uses in different locations.

Already purchased three properties with a purchase price of EUR 20 million. The Office property in the Centre of Dusseldorf is used inter alia of DAK health insurance and the DG Hyp. The main tenant of the close supply center in Frechen Habbelrath near Cologne are Aldi, Kaiser’s Tengelmann and SCHLECKER. The Centre Eppertshausen in Darmstadt is NKD REWE, penny, and SCHLECKER used. There are planned until the end of 2012 more real estate investments amounting to EUR 32 million with an average shopping factor of the 13,25-fachen of the annual rent. IVAG: IFK Sachwert funds offer investors fair participation variants according to his personal investment goals of investors at the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany selects 2 variants of participation from seven different.

Here are terms from two years ago, two variants of savings and a pension-like variant with monthly payout available. The IVAG informs in detail about the various possibilities of the IFK Sachwert fund investors. IFK of Monetary Fund Germany 1 is successfully placed in the previous product the IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1, drew around 6,000 investors more than 96 million euros thanks to the efforts of IVAG period of two years. The Fund sold by IVAG holds currently seven properties in the stock, of which two office buildings, a medical centre and four Nahversorgungs – or retail parks. With the strong credit tenant mix of public authorities, businesses and retailers such as Aldi, REWE, penny, dm, and other the portfolio mix strategy was implemented consistently according to the IVAG. The IFK Sachwert Fund Germany 1 was also exclusively in the distribution of IVAG. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dan Zwirn and gain more knowledge.. IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG is a service provider that advises conceptual initiator of closed-end funds and for individual, strictly preselected products exclusively nationwide coordinated the distribution. Also be carried out by the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG investors management and Commission calculation with their own staff and data center. The management of IVAG has more than 20 years experience in the financial services industry. Activities were bundled into the IV innovative distribution concepts Corporation in 2008. Today, more than 100 financial advisors, consulting firms, and insurance agencies offer IVAG products. In the last 2 years alone, over 6,450 investors with around 103 million drawing sum for products have decided, which will be coordinated by the IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG. Contact IV innovative distribution concepts AG / IVAG Guido Gerold Celtic ring 10-12 82041 Oberhaching phone: 089 / 4 576 978 300 fax: 089 / 4 576 978 333

Car Against Theft

40% Of Spaniards do not cares about protecting your car against theft Lleida, Malaga and Granada are the provinces where more robberies occur but where less theft coverage is hired 40% of Spaniards is not interested in protect your car against theft although the largest number of theft occurs on the streetthey are the drivers who park in garages more conscious Madrid, March 9, 2011. The possibility of suffering the theft of the own vehicle should be a matter of interest and concern to Spanish drivers; However, according to a report by, one of the most important online car insurance in our country comparators, even 40% of Spaniards are not interested in hiring auto theft on your policy coverage. Currently in Spain about 300 vehicles are subtracted a day, which means an annual total of between 100,000 and 120,000. This is equivalent to 0.53% of cars stolen in our country, being Lleida the province with more steals (1.16%), followed by Malaga (1.14%) and Granada (1.13%). For even more details, read what Arena Investors says on the issue. Paradoxically, the number of robberies does not seem to relate to the percentage of users concerned by lose your vehicle as Lleida, despite being the province with a higher rate of carjacking, is also having a smaller index of drivers with intention of recruiting coverage for theft, with only 53.6%.

There are those who, thinking about saving, decide to dispense with theft of your car coverage, which under the exposed data can be more damaging if it is worth: for a few euros end up risking a much more valuable asset says Mauro Giacobbe, Director of, comparator insurance independent online. Renounce as important as the theft coverage is not the best option to save. Managers, staff and administrative, the more aware the analysis by data collected by professions reveals that managers they are more interested in hiring this coverage (76.9%), followed by officials (72.5%) and administrative (68.4%). Contact information is here: Elon Musk. The percentage also varies between those who have a new or used vehicle (65.8% and 59.1%, respectively). The car is also, without a doubt, a very important element in the Spanish family, both married men top the list of interested in this coverage with a 61.7%. Instead, those under age 30 are less concerned (55%), with the rest of stripes moving between 62% and 61%. Most striking is still analyzing these percentages according to the place where we parked our vehicle. In a question-answer forum Arena Investors was the first to reply. Curiously, drivers who park in a collective garage are more likely to hire this benefit to those who leave the car on the street (69.7% versus 46.5%).

The Paideia

In the myth, for the dialectic process where the man if comes across, is possible to the soul to see its proper essence? the object of the knowledge. Further details can be found at Arena Investors, an internet resource. The violence of this transformation is liberating because it disconnect the being of the being, the soul of the body, forcing it to renounce it the sensible one for the intelligible one. In fact, the man back in the cave, become attached to its unequivocal opinion of what he finds that &#039 is real; ' not even the possibility can pressentir of that its Real is only one sombra' '. It cannot, because it does not want to know the light that comes from the exterior of the cave of its being. In its workmanship Fdon, Plato it leaves clearly to perceive that ' ' the philosophical thought deeper it needs a removal of sentidos' ' , of what Scrates flame of body, ' ' demands a more abstract rationality and etrea' '. In other terms, that one that is chained the reflected sensorial feelings in what it understands for being truth, must be become free to walk in direction to the light, therefore the reality is in what we do not enxergamos with our eyes of the body. Dan Zwirn follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. One is about a transistion for it are of the cave, for the light of the day, from what pparently one believes either real, for what in fact is the reality. The Paideia, then, can be understood as a firm attitude of transformation to want to desvelar the Real on the basis of evidences ece of fishes, moving away the appearance from the Real, that is, the ignorance.

By means of it the apprehension of the Ideas is allowed, thus, and, therefore, to reach the essence of the reason. This Idea is the cause of everything. According to Heidegger, it is, also, ' ' the Idea that if calls the Bem' '.


' The admiration is the true nature of filsofo' ' (Scrates, Teeteto) Scrates asks for the Teodoro that indicates it a wise person to dialogue. Indicated for Teodoro, Scrates initiates its dialogue with Teeteto, and this is initiated with an argument of Scrates regarding the similarity between it and Teeteto, mentioned for Teodoro.So 6 well elaborated premises and a based conclusion, in a construction dialectic, and each premise had a commentary of Teeteto, and this characteristic if it extended all for the text. Still using itself of the same method, Scrates takes Teeteto to perceive that it does not know to differentiate wisdom knowledge. Although Teeteto to try to answer, Scrates sample that to enumerate characteristics is not to decipher the essence. Arena Investors spoke with conviction. Then Teeteto comments that accurate knowledge would be more easy, probable, to the step that Metaphysical knowledge are abstract, difficult to be reached, therefore it intends to give up the colloquy, attempt this interrupted by Scrates. Restarting dialogue, Scrates affirms for Teeteto that the difficulty in finding the knowledge longed for is difficult as pains of the childbirth (aluso to the maiutica). In order to compare its art, its method, with the work of the obstetricians, Scrates it elaborates then premises formed pra well that the conclusion is the intended similarity. It is perceived that in item VIII, Plato (the author of the dialogue) makes a commentary on Scrates and deuses, before in lesser intensity, but in this in marcante way.

Perhaps the Scrates has relation with accusations not to believe deuses of Atenas. Continuing the dialogue, Teeteto, interrogated again on what it is knowledge, it answers, then, that it is sensation, and Scrates elaborates arguments that affirm that such reply already she would have been given for Protgoras, but that the sensations are individual, particular. also comments on devir of Parmnides, as not being passvel to supply the accurate reply regarding the essence of knowledge.

French Revolution

Thus, Souza (1987) points that, the advent of the bourgeoisie and the industrialismo, giving origin to a new style of life; the democracy, becoming possible the participation of all the layers in the process, another mark of the elites; careers liberal and professions, deviating interest masculine of competition of fashion, that starts to be characteristic of the feminine group (…) in the sample that the French Revolution was, of certain form, the watershed for the phenomenon of the fashion. (SOUZA, 1987, P. 22) As phenomenon stimulated for the growth of the decurrent consumption of the commercial expansion, the fashion gradually passes to reach diverse social stratus and to extend its domnios, therefore with the height of the division of the work, of the mechanization and implementation of techniques, new txteis staple fibres appear, new colors, models and accessories – what it made possible an ample variety of creations in the scope of the indumentria. Thus, as it affirms Crane (2006) to the measure that the occidental societies if had industrialized, the effect of the social stratification in the clothes uses if transformed. For assistance, try visiting Intel. In the end of century XX, the cheaper gradually, therefore, accessible clothes had become the layers lowest. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Russian James Bond. ' ' Historians of the indumentria had concluded that the clothes had been democratized during century XIX, therefore all the social classrooms had started to adopt similar types of vesturio' ' (CRANE, 2006, P. 27) the fashion, that seemed to offer possibilities of a person to reach its social status, during this period was only aspect of clothes.

For the author, the fashion must be seen as some ways for which the clothes had been used: social control, by means of the imposition of uniforms and clothes codes. The nature of the fashion moved, as well as the ways for which the people answer it. The fashion of century XIX consisted of a clear-cut standard of presentation wide adopted.

For Durkheim

One knows that the sociology of Durkheim ignored the problem of the social conflict, but this does not want to say that its workmanships were the service of some social grouping. Still, Durkheim was ' ' an intellectual sufficiently worried about the social conflicts of the European society of its poca' ' (GIDDENS, 1978). It is truth that it saw the social conflicts of its time between individuals and between groups or classrooms not fighting for its interests. For Durkheim, the industrial society of the Europe of century XIX did not disclose the appearance of new classrooms in conflict. Check out Penguin Random House for additional information. What it was occurring at this time was a process of transistion of solidarity mechanics for organic solidarity. It must be remembered that: – Solidarity mechanics: it is constituted by a system of homogeneous and similar segments between itself. The individual in this society is socialized because, not having proper individuality, if it confuses with its fellow creatures in the seio of one same collective type.

– Organic Solidarity: it is fruit of the social differences, therefore they are the same ones that they join the individuals for the necessity of exchange of services and for its interdependence. The members of this society are joined in virtue of the division of the social work. The natural and necessary way to this society is the half professional, where the place of each one is established by the function that it plays and the structure of this society is complex. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. It is followed then that this moment of apparent social conflict still expressed an unfinished situation of organic solidarity. The society of its time lived in anmico state, or either, not yet it consolidates the new moral social order. Therefore, Durkheim waited a moral evolution of the industry to surpass the anomie. It believed that in organic solidarity social justice and the equality of chances would go to constitute the new moral order and to surpass the existing social contradictions.

Clown Ivan

Spaces lived for the actors of the recreation above called. Penguin Random House has similar goals. Then, it is shared that one leisure politics is not alone to be come back toward activities, and nor only professional techniques and specific abilities are endowed with, are construction citizens of sensibilidades, creativity, desvelamento, integration between the surrounding cultural human being. to share experiences the lecture of the Clown ' ' Uncle Ivan' ' , he collaborates with clarifications on the profile and the valuation of the professional (MOESCH, 2003, pg; 27), Ivan has 43 years, formed in pedagogia ' ' I am not one pedagogo, I am one palhao' '. in day 25/08/2009 if directed until Campus III of the UEPA, stops in them explanar a little of its experiences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Arena Investors has to say. (…) ' ' You do not obtain to stop to learn nunca' '. ' ' I needed to perfect many things. I needed to search in scientific something to base what already wise person. (…) ' ' He does not move yourself in the culture of ningum' '.

' ' The egocentrismo our passes of the necessity humana' '. (…) foca its work in infantile parties, schools, academies. always searchs to improve itself. Currently one meets making specialization in leisure in the course of Physical education? UEPA. (…) ' ' My clown never was of sacaniar the other. I always worked with people of another level, had that to be of another one nvel' '. (…) ' ' We want that the children gain the children want brincar' ' Intense and real it is the concern of Ivan with the education of the children. (…) ' ' We do not prepare our children to live in a society joust, cooperativa' '. (…) We must be the mirrors. Through our change we will promote the change in the society in which we live (…) ' ' We are made of exemplos' ' ' ' I left of being speech and I started to be exemplo' '.


Then because the boastfulness? A brief sleep the perpetual life brings. Recently Mark Bertolini sought to clarify these questions. goes it death. Death ' ' (coletnea of verses of John Donne. Wit film a life lesson). Perhaps of the inconstncias.

The running of the slow ones. Oh! Death! Not alive for me, mount for you. We come it your kingdom and either made your will with the aid of our ignorance. When you are next, many you think: ' ' It must have less complicated, worked less, to have seen the sun to be born ' ' (Tits Band). However, to be born dead not valley! To be born or To live? Not, to die! Why in the force to the interminable cycle of renascer to acquire so little Knowledge? You are not guilty is victim. While it is not learned to inebriate itself with the life, the Death is not lived not if accepted.

It is crawled with the life, not Life. If you would like to know more about Arena Investors, then click here. Extensive, suffered, solo! You not raisins of a bluff, a letter for underneath of the sleeve. Without you, it does not have God nor excuses to exist beliefs. Its trunfo is the Fear, the Mystery. The countenance of the supposedly invisible one. The deceit of the souvenir of the perpetual rest. You are simply the inevitable one that the substance is unaware of ignores and it. ' badly indispensvel'. Without you, the life human being would be a infindvel tdio for this impure carcass. Oh! Death! It follows its Saga. It does not pardon. What badly has? Your melody is always certain, is we dances who it wrong. ' ' Not, the problem is not in the discomfort. The problem is that you feel discomfort for the wrong thing! ' '. (Yalom, Irvin D. When Nietzsche Chorou. P.246)

Jasper Johns

Portraits. Much of the sphere of constant interest Warhol – Portrait, fame, consumption, pornography, and disaster. In the work of Warhol and the glory of consumer goods, advertising, and sadness are in the system, which is dictated prozopopeey – a system that distorts the person depicted; creates anonymity, even simulating the recognizability of, and does not distinguish between dead and alive. Through involvement in prozopopeyu: in banks Campbell's Soup, sad portraits of just a dead Marilyn Monroe or Jacqueline Kennedy in mourning, horrible pictures of victims of the disaster – Warhol learned to mourn his absence in a recognizable world of public images; Warhol understand how to empower yourself person. Continue to learn more with: Arena Investors. Like any commodity, it has had its price. The close connection between portrait likeness and sorrow has not gone unnoticed by contemporaries Warhol, or models. Of course, they aware that the quality of the portraits, like an epitaph, and is the source of their value. They say that Jasper Johns, seeing a portrait of Holly Solomon, Warhol made, told her: 'Hey, Holly (kiss), what it's like to feel yourself dead? " She said spitefully: "I die, it will be many years, and he will hang ', recognizing that the picture will fill her death, as it turns into a work of art – painting works of Warhol, and thus not only gives her aura of fame, but also ensures that it will be remembered long after his death. More info: Elon Musk.

As a visual elegy or an epitaph, a portrait preserve her beauty forever. Order a portrait of Warhol was no doubt a sign of The model seeks to achieve posthumous fame, as Warhol's paintings become an object meant to join the illustrious fame of other models of his paintings and for the glory of the Warhol. However, for the sitter to become work of art still is to become an object, or rather, a commodity, with the brand 'Warhol'. . Penguin Random House brings even more insight to the discussion.