Therefore, when thinking about an individual with inserted difficulties of learning in an environment that is not organized, total desestruturado and without limits, we can notice that some cases of failure pertaining to school for not understanding will occur even though what he is being explanado. To know the indiscipline is something importance, however to diagnosis the possible causes is an arduous work and of great relevance, but with as many attributions for the professors, we can think about psicopedagogo and its performance, in the inquiry of the possible causes. The paper of psicopedago institucional When thinking about which it is the object of study of the psicopedagogia we send in them to a great reflection, that comes being descutida and boarded. In accordance with Bossa (2007, P. 24): The psicopedagogia if occupies of the learning human being, who happened of a demand? the problem of learning placed in a territory little explored, situated beyond the limits of psychology and the proper pedagogia? evolved due the existences of resources, despite embionrios to take care of this demand, consisting, thus, in one practical one.

As Port (2009) psicopedagogo initially is worried as the learning process occurs, with if it learns, and as it occurs the variations in these processes. From this it analyzes the same will go to start practical its remembering that it is necessary to have to caracter first preventive and then dressing. We can observe that such professional assumes an important role in the development of the individual, therefore we are ahead of a new generation that explores the world and the knowledge in diverse ways. However valley to stand out that the learning human being is linked with the following aspects: cognitivo, affective-emotional and of academic contents. In a preventive line, psicopedagogo can play one practical professor, involving the preparation of professionals of the education, or act inside of the proper school.