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Experience in the practical application of liquid rubber in various sectors of the construction showed that the waterproofing coating of liquid rubber can replace the traditional techniques and materials. So what is a liquid rubber? Liquid Rubber – a two component product consisting of an aqueous emulsion of bitumen treated with the addition of special elastomers and polymers and catalysts – calcium chloride solution. Liquid rubber is is rolled material during installation that you want to use an open flame, it's also not the film to be applied with glue questionable reliability. Coating is applied onto the surface in the cold state by airless spray. Airless spraying provides a snug fit inside the membrane to obrabatyvemoy surface, and therefore no air elements – the main cause of bloating waterproofing materials on the roof. The components of the liquid rubber, before reaching the surface, mixed in the air. After solidification, which occurs almost instantaneously, on the treated surface obtained a single, seamless rubber membrane, without holes and joints. No seams primary positive fator in favor of liquid rubber, because it is the seams on the roof are the most likely location of leaks. For even more opinions, read materials from Derek Gillman.

Time curing coatings depends on the level of relative humidity and temperature On average about a day. Before applying liquid rubber, a minimum surface preparation. Processed The surface must be cleaned of dirt and debris to be dried and if necessary, degreased. To read more click here: Haley Tju. Ambient air temperature during the production of works not less than 5 C. Liquid rubber has high adhesion (strong connection) with most building materials. Because it is composed of a high percentage of polymer coating high elasticity and resistance to mechanical damage, corrosive environments and ultra-violet radiation for more than 20 years. The full "smart" material has a memory: The finished membrane is extremely resilient and can recover 95% of its shape after stretching more than 1000%. Liquid rubber does not contain any composition of volatile organic compounds and organic solvents, fire-safe and nontoxic, as is water-based. The scope of this coating system is extremely broad and varied. Among the most important You can include corrosion protection (most metals), waterproofing and protecting concrete (the space between the building panels, walls, basements, foundations, etc.), repair and restoration of roofing, protection artificial reservoirs, boxes for growing plants, etc. Liquid rubber weighs 4 times less than other roofing materials, is 10 times longer and has a value 4 times lower, given the lifetime of the coating.