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There are LoveLifeWork and joie de vivre a lifelong love? I love my boss? Why am I still single? How can companies integrate love? These and many other questions are frequently asked me. Love and work belong together the answer is as varied as the people and companies who contact me. Because all belongs together. Say my work is holistically aimed at people and companies. Of course who want to make a difference to me contact.

The women and men. Manager, decision makers and companies, love, life, work, success, healthy and happy see related. As a large whole that takes everyone further. Certainly people notice when something is no longer around. Whether it is private or professional. But what is it called so beautiful: at this point, the cat themselves often in the tail biting.

This means that patients often find the beginning of the solution. Love & life consultant the necessary distance is maintained, to get to the bottom of the problem. First then a solution can be found. Sounds simple, but is alone often virtually impossible for the clients. Long-established behavior and beliefs play just as much a role as anchored power thinking. Help talks with friends and acquaintances. In companies, fears of reprisals are often large. Bosses are afraid to lose control and thus respect. An important part is to resolve this but, to get content partnerships and staff. If you are happy, can do more to promote recognition and respect is an important punk of my work. This is also a form of love. This is becoming more and more stunted for decades in our fast-moving times. But we need the coexistence in the microcosm of a private partnership and family, as well as in a small, medium-sized and large companies. Just as rising profits, success, health and loving partnerships are possible. Burnout. Layoffs in the job. Often hard life cuts bring separations, long distance relationships, diseases and Changes. So go and develop new perspectives is to the heart. People from the dark bring back to light. You will be happy to make on a small scale, such as in the great. Privately, professionally, and in companies is my wish and my vision. Love for all! Happiness for everyone. Coupled with health, satisfaction, and success! LoveLifeWork and a happy maker my name is Susan Heat, love & life consultant and happy maker, TV expert, author, and a champion of practical and easily implementable solutions. I enjoy life, take courage and urge to deeds. Since the change is easy. My tips are easy to implement digestible and for everyone. New perspectives can be the positive and successful way in which the future! I got back in foreign countries for many years lived for over 25 years of experience as a journalist/medical journalist/ghostwriter, as well as experience as entrepreneur and a strong intuition. Study of literature/philosophy of the RUB and later psychology at the University of Hagen. For companies, I have developed the concept of LoveLifeWork. People and practical and immediately actionable solutions and the happiness of all are my focus. Contact: Susan Heat Love & life consultant & Felicity Macherin P.o. box 24 02 47 40091 Dusseldorf email: contact (at) member in the social business network XING