Center West

Another point that in the flame attention in the text of Sergio Haddad is what it says respect to the attendance limits that we have in Brazil. What it finishes making with that in many regions, still either raised the number of illiterates. A tax of about 13% is a nonsense still terms (given of 2000) of illiterate. quanta fight since Pablo Freire The attendance of the obligator escolaridade has not produced raised taxes of illiteracy, between especially young adult. All this process, inside of our system of national education, finishes making with that our taxes of repetncia and evasion if they become high. The reality of our region, Center West, in 2000, presented a tax disapproved 12% of.

This is very great e, believes that currently it is bigger still. What fights my God, until when will have that to face these so negative taxes in our schools? (it forgives for the relief, but, I feel in ' carne' the consequences of these negative taxes in the education). Important factor, says respect to ' ' order cultural' ' , also they have significant weight how much to the exploitation of the educandos. Adding some factors pointed, we see not only that still it has very to be made and to become the right the public education in Brazil a reality to all, for some. Also we do not have to leave to mention the distortion series age, in 2001, was of 50% in 5 Series and, worse still it was in Average Ensino arrived to be almost 60%. The Brazilian escolaridade still has average low that it is generated by some factors and, unhappyly points Brazil with a country with great index of functional illiteracy (is those people who have between 1 and three years only of escolaridade). Let us add plus data: the quality of basic education is good only for a small parcel of ' schools privadas' that they educate the minorities of greater purchasing power.