While to the toledanos governments post, the one of Francisco Garci’a indeed Stolen of Mendoza (1589-1586) it is known like the virrey that came to consolidate the structure definitively administrative designed by Toledo. Generally, its governmental action it is characterized by an commendable probity, that deserved the recognition of courteous authorities (HAMP: 2005).

Doubtlessly the different considerations constitute accurate for this period. Proposal that considers an absolute superiority of the colonial administration, very successful in their decrees and executions, where they show the submissive won ones, that simply they assume his condition of dominated, under a drastic colonial administration of this period. This way to include/understand history, to the too much payable won ones as comes being refuted, mainly with the investigation of Steve Ster (1986), perhaps began to think that the populations about the process of the early colony, in the establishment of different decrees everything did not assume as the mandates emanated, rather must understand the capacity to adapt a the new decrees, negotiating, resisting and accommodating many decrees to its common interests. Therefore he would be erroneous to continue considering that the indigenous populations totally were controlled and put to the colonial administration without no answer her. The new sources that I come reviewing lead to me but to refute the history of overcome and victims that to considered to the populations for the colonial time.