Clean Skin: Strong People, Strong Brand

Clean skin: strong people, strong brand who invests in its employees, which strengthens the own brand. Because well-trained staff ensures satisfied customers. An investment in personnel development strengthens the brand value directly. \”The study shows that service performance the new driver of the success of the service\” (1). That’s why not saves clean skin with quality and service and relies on well-trained personnel and expert advice. And with success: Nelson has established itself as a strong brand in the cosmetics and beauty area. The current newsletter reported this the PR Agency on behalf of clean skin.

Grafelfing, July 2009 especially in the services sector is the competence of employees significantly for this responsible that the customer perceives a company as a customer-friendly and service-oriented. Flexible, motivated and qualified employees guarantee entrepreneurial success (2) in this industry. The franchise company Nelson to consistently pursue this strategy and therefore always invests in its employees, and also his Franchise partner: with a comprehensive training programme and regular partner meetings. In addition to the basic training, the specialist in light cosmetic applications offers a comprehensive range of training on various topics, such as leadership, marketing and controlling his employees and partners. While some providers massively participate in the price war, Nelson has consistently from the outset on the concept of quality and service. And thus on the right strategy.

Because the current fire parity study: companies could harm their brand value sustainably, if they participate in discount battles. These customers are willing to pay a reasonable price (3) brand and quality. For a higher price customers in return also a corresponding performance reflected in the satisfaction: clean skin around 50 stores in Germany have successfully treated more than 10,000 guests. Many providers cavort on the market of permanent hair removal. If it is so the correct provider, face the prospects of spoilt for choice.