Clickbank Product

If you know write an email and browse the Internet, you are ready to win their first dollars online.So that you can understand the steps to follow, I am going to give a small lesson in economics. Basically 3 things you need to be able to sell any product,: i. demand: there has to be people interested in buying what you are trying to sell.II. market: has that there be a place in which you can offer the product III. Traffic: you must have a way to attract potential buyers.Based on these very simple principles, can follow the following steps to earn money online: i. investigate the demand 1.-make a market study and see what kind of products are in great demand. You can search in Googletrends,, in the Spanish-speaking section.

To learn the current trends, it is also useful to review in that area people are buying more books at Find a product of affiliation or areas that you have found. A membership product is the product of another person by which you earn a Commission that the Internet can becomes more than 50% everytime you sell a product.II. establish the market 3.-open an account at It is a very simple method of accepting payments from anywhere in the world and is also free to open an account at Sign up as an affiliate in the affiliate program of the or products that Ud would like to sell. This is no charge. Enter your Paypal account here to receive their commissions.5. In the affiliate program will give a link to the sales page of the product that is exclusively theirs. Everytime someone to buy via your link, the seller of the product shopping cart will register the sale as a sale of yours.The problem is that these links are very long and ugly, it is therefore necessary to disguise them with their own domain ( more short and showy.

You can buy these in many parts on the web for less than US$ 10. is a good place.III. Generate traffic 6.-make a research about the product and write articles on topics relevant to him. Insert your link disguised at the end of each article and send your article to a good directory of articles. is a good choice.7. Another very effective way to generate traffic is with videos. YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the Internet. Make sure your dressed as link throughout the entire film. You can also upload your link to their social sites like facebook, or send them to your friends by email.