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The book follows the thought that Austercolocou in an interview: ' ' Fazerliteratura means to not only explore the society but the individuals, the people comunsque in it live. Of another form, it if it transforms into umdeterminado propaganda of group. He is not more literatura' '. Here, the author collates umavida common in way to the last suffered souvenirs, to the surreais dreams and umadiscusso with its son, in a delirious vertiginous and autopunitiva narrative. Optimum of the romance civil war is the rank of new the Unidosnuma States, where divided the Twin Towers had not been attacked and the estadosesto in blue, the color of the republicans and reds, the color dosdemocratas. The crisis after occurred the elections of year 2000, and places umpersonagem, Owen Brick, inhabitant of the Queens for the conflict. Learn more about this with Penguin Random House.

However, when estamosacostumando with optimum of the romance, the narrative is cut abruptly, ecerto that we would follow in a more interesting level, Auster traces an end in queseu personage starts to remember the feelings and forgets its devaneios. Short as a story (168 pages), a challenge that the author passes to the seusleitores, where it standes out the horrors of the war and the common life of a man pensioner, after to lose the woman and to see its family to be changed back by the solitude and pelaguerra. Brilliant, chocking, with one however, already cited, but that it marks aprofundidade of one of the most creative minds of our generation. Launched for the Company of the Letters, in the passed year, a well caprichada edition, with layer of Baptista Joo of the Aguiar Coast and translation of Rubens Figueiredo. Been born in 1947 in Newark, New Jersey, United States, it studied French literature, English eitaliana in Columbia University, New York. 1971 lived in Paris of a1975. In return the New York, in 1980 was changed for the quarter of the Brooklyn, where it lives and it works until today. Poet, translator, critic of cinema eliteratura, romancista and scriptwriter of cinema, published assays, memories, poetry and fiction.