Construction Equipment

Trucks – it's modern high-performance machines designed for digging, loading and processing of different materials: different types of soils and rocks, coal, sand, gravel, metal shavings, wood chips, stones, etc., as well as agricultural products. In addition, the loader can independently process the ground (to make dumping mounds of earth, trees), to work in bulldozer mode: to produce the layout of sites and passage shallow pits. Loader can transport goods in the ladle or in grips, tow trailers or any other equipment at short distance. Loaders, having much smaller dimensions and weight than the excavators could raise a much larger mass of the goods; for maneuver do not need a large area. It is these qualities and define their scope. Accordingly, transformed and working parts – buckets. Standard buckets (with a straight cutting edge without teeth) are used for transhipment of sand, gravel and clay soils. These buckets can also be equipped with a removable double-sided cutting edge (full segment) made of hardened wear-resistant steel with high hardness.

Jaw Buckets increase the height of the landing on dozens of inches and allow the loader has additional features (pushing and leveling the soil, backfill, planning, capture bulk and general cargo). To assess the effectiveness of two important truck characteristics – the width of the bucket mouth and throwing back his corner. Rack back to the ground strongly influences the degree of its filling. The range of variation of the angle throwing back at the different models front loader quite wide (from 34 at the models of firm O & K to 53 at the Caterpillar) and determined by the size and type of cylinders Swing bucket.

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