Court of Accounts

The Court of Accounts of the State of Rio De Janeiro declared illegal Act of Dismissal of Licitation legalized for the city of Bzios, for the act of contract of a consultoria company that would go to lead the licitation process to know which financial institution would be responsible for the leaf of payment of the employees of the city hall, amongst other operations. Vote of the council member Jose Gracious Gomes still determined the application of fine to the municipal former-secretary of Administration, Raymond Pedrosa Galvo, responsible for the ratification of the procedure. The objective of the Act of Dismissal of Licitation was the act of contract of the ICON for rendering of services of assessorship and consultoria aiming at to the conduction of the process of licitation for, with exclusiveness, to implant services of processing of credits proceeding from the payment leaf of the active, inactive servers, pensioners and trainees of the city, beyond payment the suppliers, as well as the centralization of the collection of municipal prescriptions. In accordance with the vote of Gracious, ' ' the value of the expenditure of this Act results of a mathematical formula, that involves: the paid total value for the winner of the licitation and the unitary value for reached point-goal, stipulated in R$ 20,00, that is, the city would pay to the ICON a part of the resources that would receive from the winning company of the licitation, in accordance with the formula established in contrato.' ' The technician of the external control of the TCE-RJ had given to seem for the illegality of the act, considering the act of contract of indirect execution of services without justification of prices; act of contract of execution of services independently of the elaboration of basic process; direct act of contract of assessorship technique, that is not fit in the concept of research, education and institucional development. In summary, it was tried formalizao of that it would be made by a private company of consultoria, but that it would have to be made of direct form, that is, for proper public administration. The consultoria company would be fulfilling the paper to process the proper act of licitation dismissal, without a price already previously settled.

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