The most reliable way to store movies on dvd, especially disc with two working surfaces. One drawback: cd, dvd-boxes, even the highest quality, can break. Movies dvd. Tip 2: Cd, dvd-cases for movies on dvd who bought optical discs for recording information, probably knows that cd-boxes are sometimes more expensive than themselves blanks. And in the financial plan will be slightly more advantageous to buy special plastic envelopes for CDs or a special case for the films on dvd.

Extremely handy thing that you can take to the road, it does not break, unlike the plastic cd-boxes. Moreover, modern plastic envelopes are designed to quickly and easily mounted in a case as additional pages. But all the same disadvantages of this method of storage available: disks stored in the case, get mikrotsarapiny during extraction of the envelopes and inserting in them, which ultimately can lead to problems reading the disc device. Movies dvd. Tip 3: Paper envelopes movies on dvd.

Creativity If you have kids and you love at your leisure to engage in manual labor with them, you can approach the problem creatively: to take the envelope and glue, paper, films on dvd on their own. For one envelope would be enough for a sheet of A4. Such an envelope for the movie on dvd you can easily sign can be easily replaced. The disadvantage is the same as when using cases for cd, dvd-drive: the notorious mikrotsarapiny. Movies dvd. Tip 4 spindles for storing movies on dvd you must have paid attention to the box, which sells optical discs for recording information (spindles) in them, stringing the rod, putting wheels on each other, can be stored and Movies on DVD, at least, some prefer this method of storage. Extremely inefficient, especially if a disc to find rapidly. If the drive will be at the bottom, will have to go through the entire stack of disks. This does not exclude damage to the working surfaces of discs. Movies dvd. Tip 5: How to store movies on dvd? Surely you know that, taking a drive out of the box, you should not touch its surface with his hands, put on the table, paper, etc. work surface to bottom. In general, if the disk is not used, it must lie in a box. The surface of the disc should always be clean, to maintain the cleanliness, use as a soft cloth. Before use, inspect the inner ring of the disk for cracks, if any, of the disc during reading may simply scatter the device apart. To write on the discs, only use a specially designed for this marker., sign only a broken surface of the disc. How much you drive will last, depends on whether the device will read it. We wish you pleasant viewing!