Providing statistical reports that contain information about the total number of database calls “B-GOLD.” by product (services), by source of information and according to parameters such as sex, employment and age go for information, as well as the number of times the product (service) partner and myself have participated in partner selection, placement of news and press releases on the site at throughout the period of contract, placing banner ads on the site at significant discounts. One of the most important conditions of the contractual relationship are mutual obligations of the parties. Company ‘B-GOLD “for its part undertakes to: permanently expand, develop and maintain a network of centers of consultations (two years they plan to open about 35), the official website of the company, and such methods of delivering information to end-user services such as: phone, e-mail, ICQ; promote themselves as the financial and banking products in general, and services provided by partners of the company a broad range of individuals in the form of advice in their search, not to promote specific partners, including those not directly promote their financial and banking products, in case if a potential customer partner asked for information about it directly or on its products (services) are not to offer alternative products (services) of other partners, as well as their own, provide advice in finding the financial and banking products partner as well as its partner, its divisions and other information specified in the annexes to the contract to any private person who has applied for such assistance. ..