Delta Group

This presentation machine for die positioning and detection of points is based on the DMV-1000A, a visualization system with high speed digital camera. The position of the cube is detected and passed to the movement control unit in DVP-PM who controls the ASDA-A2-servo system on a multi axis interpolation in G and M code and accurately positioned the cube. Used the man-machine interface DOP-B, can the DMV-1000A identify points on the cube and the result immediately represent on the touch screen. Three axis control system uses three C2000 series inverter to point to point positioning on three axes the demo kit. To know more about this subject visit Intel. An additional main controller such as a PLC or a PC is no longer necessary. So can just a ping pong ball and be placed precisely on a specific post, simply uses a command to one of the C2000 inverter, then working as a CANopen master and the internal PLC functions to real-time control of 3-axis control. The CANopen communication directly controls the actions of the three engines. This demo is undoubtedly one of the most attractive of the fair.

Solutions for building management Delta shows here the integration of industrial automation products and offers a complete control system for building. It includes components for air conditioning, lifts, solar cells, water recycling, etc. visitors can see here on the most effective and energy-saving automation options by Delta. Energy savings are achieved by precise and efficient control and visualization systems as well as a tracking system for solar systems. Frequency converters are included as an Anhebesystem, pump controls, and control to the position of the Sun in the HVAC system. Brushless motors allow precise revisions of network modules, the full integration of different technologies. Renewable energy is supplied by Delta energy system on highly efficient photovoltaic inverter, the solar cells are of DelSolar, a member of the Delta Group. On April 6, Delta industrial automation organized a product introductory seminar in the Leipzig area of the trade fair centre.