The format of the book is also very important: the large and massive book store a lot of valuable recipes, but the kitchen is extremely difficult to them enjoy. Small notebook and desktop space and require less use of them easier. culinary sites and forums in my opinion, this is the most successful version. On the Internet, you can always find an enormous amount of recipes for every taste very spoiled, which are divided into sections for easy retrieval of the desired, in addition, there is an opportunity to communicate with the cooks, to share a recipe, and ask questions of cooking. Just ask to call your attention to sites with step by step explanation of the cooking, presented in the form of photos or video. An example of such a site can be. The second stage of training are "Pen test" that is trying to prepare meals for selected recipes. Our goal is to identify the tasty recipes simple to prepare and beautiful and appetizing in appearance, which will make your specialties.

Important point in the cooking is your mood. Many housewives are convinced that the cook to just being in a great mood. Because repeatedly convinced that cakes made with depressed mood, obtained by Cleckley, meatballs with the addition of a fair portion of irritation burn up, but the soup by cooking which was accompanied by a family scandal, wonder and poison, as he generously 'spiced up' anger, resentment and bitterness. In order to mood improved at the entrance to the kitchen, surround yourself with culinary accessories to your taste. Now, when your notebook is full of recipes and in your kitchen settled in a good mood, emotional tone and fun accessories, it's time to start cooking the most important match in your life – from his inability to not desire and reluctance. And will be very little time and your favorite will be surprised and delighted by your culinary victories.