Educardeve to establish ademais of the act to construct knowledge, the wakening noeducando for ‘ ‘ fazer’ ‘. He is through pertaining to school the proportionate experience noambiente that we can exercise attitudes of critical and citizenship. Asatividades must not only defy the academic knowledge, but also necessary ashabilidades for the life in community. Text the ambient subjects are boarded from diversasreas, that go since the residues generated in our residences until fenmenoscomo the aggravation of the effect greenhouse. Beyond this diversity of subjects, it has aindadiferentes medias that divulge them bringing information that if destine lay aopblico, but that they must inform scientific facts and form opinions.

Naescola we can use a set of knowledge and facts. The use dasinformaes disponibilizadas for the medias is one in the ways to bring aosalunos facts that involve the reality of its entorno. Ademais, the temasambientais do not have to be only information, but they must also awake fidgets, questionings and attitudes that can transform the relations of the human being as surrounding. According to Guimares (2005): The emphasis given for the humanity in its historical evolution parte, the separation between human being and nature, resulted in a position antropocntricaem that the human being is placed as center and all the other parts quecompem the environment are to its to make use, without if to aperceber of the relations deinterdependncia enters the existing elements in the environment. Although all spreading regarding the education ambientalno pertaining to school context and of the innumerable works carried through in search of the formation more conscientious and operating decidados, still in them we come across with realities ondeh only information. It has a priorizao of the clarification ecientfico technician of the facts. It has few actions in favor of the solution of problems, or damobilizao of groups to act next to the public power.