Effective Communication

MANAGEMENT and communication effective Carlos Mora Vanegas many problems faced in the working groups of the companies, this related to communication, aspect that due attention is not paid and this implies that often arises the discontent, unproductive and a negative organizational climate. Here, management should be very careful as the communication is used, and since then, as it is being used to knowing it properly, use to obtain a harmonious climate, with positive results. On the role of communication in pro motivate, to publicize the ideas, actions to follow, management should know it properly handle. Thereon, Abel Sanchez Rodriguez, considered to be the following components of it reminds us: issuer: person who emits the message receiver: person who receives the message transmission channel: Via transmitting coded message: text that you want to send to the receiver. Feedback: Confirmation that the message was received properly. Noise, distortion and interference: interruptions to the communication process. Do internal: psychological factors, statements of encouragement,? etc. External: difficulties in the transmission channel, technical problems? language, culture.

Rodriguez tells us, that in the communication process the issuer decides the message aired, the channel and the encoding that will be used. However the issuer is who should deal with that feedback, that is a message in itself, comes as more clear as possible since this is the way needed to know if the message was received with clarity, otherwise the feedback will come in the moment in which the receiver fails to comply with or do not perform the task indicated in the body of the message as expected by the issuer by the just made a poor communication or interpretation of the message. Most of the components of the communication process have the ability to create distortions, and therefore affect the goal of communicating perfectly. Distortions de-penden fundamentally of the psychological state of the transmitter and receiver, the encoding type and the used channel.