Enterprise Hierarchy

Jose since its 15 years when boy started to work as Office dreamed in being head, was imagining as he would be to have innumerable things to make and to decide and as each decision he would cause a effect for the company. She still did not understand nothing of company only wise person who where she worked had some heads, clerical, section, I deposit financier and others, wise person also that she had inherited of the colleagues the incumbency to make the coffee of the afternoon was rule the novice made the coffee, was terrible because she had that to learn at any cost, when skirt bitter taste or candy was quarrel in the certainty and thought when book of this coffee will be head me! Passed six months of company Jose already bank wise person everything, payments knew the center of the city as nobody. The head of the office decided to contract another Office boy to help Jose, was the first time that it felt head still more because the other boy had 14 years and in everything it asked for its opinion beyond being now that he made the coffee. Jose studied accounting and left the service of the street, now was in office and had now another task to conciliate bank statements, as he was inexperienced in the section had that to look to old documents what they gave the biggest work it passed a time and if exempted of the service when another novice arrived. When if it formed in the college gained the attribution, to close the box of the company started to be in charge, also started to be important because he moved with the money of the company but as it was one of the new people in charge had whenever to make the weekly reports of the section, it was with this attribution during 10 years ties to be promoted the Head of the Division of Finances in this height already was married possua a house and a Fusca 1980 if he felt well I exactly obtain not to be for having that all second fair to have that to present the RDS- Report of Weekly Performance thing that if did not make when Its Moacir was head, thing invented for some consultant of planto and as it was new in the position it was with the incumbency, made the report per some years but other activities that appeared were given at that they arrived to the rank of inexperienced Heads. .