Euro Oil

As reported by the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF), energy funds were the only asset class with a nominal growth last year. Dallas, 18.06.2013. Investors invested Euro 2012 723,2 million, 14 percent more than in the previous year (2011: 637,1 million euros) “, so the VGF in its official press release.” It is difficult to differentiate between the different funds. Because one involves investments that spend their money for renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal energy to another but also to funds that usually invest in the optimization of existing oil or gas sources (link). Oil is, without doubt, one of the world’s most important resources.

Without the liquid gold, as it is sometimes so beautiful, nothing goes in the industry. Looking at the list of these companies in Europe, so many energy companies among the first found ten. Oil has established large assets and also provides a wide layer of normal investors”a meaningful Alternative. This is far too little known. Just oil investments are a sensible investment with high yield potential.

This related, in particular, that oil is a limited commodity (link). It is no wonder that more and more investors to invest in oil. Success this then is this a real value on a direct investment in producing sources or through a closed-end funds, which in turn invests in producing sources, and offers therefore the known advantages of this type of investment, such as, for example, inflation protection. In this respect a stake in an oil well not differs from on a property as an investment. Although oil prices here are subject to certain cycles, a certain direction suggests itself for decades. Also, with regard to this they differ little from real estate. Because nobody will seriously want to argue that both are not increasingly more expensive. Oil or natural gas sources in the United States are particularly in demand. The country has many advantages, there is also a politically safe environment. Investors have in the Land of opportunity many advantages and it makes no difference whether it occurs as a German or American investor. However you should watch closely the performance of the characters, which one entrusts his money. Usually I is it German investment companies, representing also the appropriate care. They in turn work with companies in the United States, which implement the actual operative business. Companies like Amtex oil & gas (link), you would have to correctly write oil & gas to german Amtex, offer the opportunity to participate in an oil well investors here. This is done in the form of a private placement together with a few other investors. The investors are registered as owner in the United States. You participate thereby obtained gas and oil revenues, large energy companies do not do otherwise also.

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