The observer on the other hand it must have capacity of attention, perception, capacity of analysis and capacity of communication. The fourth part still speaks of the testagem technique. Where many the tests are used indiscriminately, without preparation, without developing studies on the test elaboration, the standardized tests, that can be used in education, as assistant in the identification of the difficulties or possibilities of the pupils, but they need accompaniment of a specialist in the area where they will be applied, they can be special tests of aptitudes, personality and interest or exploitation. For more information see Intel. Already the pertaining to school tests are instruments elaborated for the professor with objective specify and destined the definitive group, in given circumstance; the professor needs to have security in relation to the stage of individual development of the pupil, as well as identifying the necessary steps for the continuation of the process, can be verbal, practises, objectives or dissertativos. To elaborate the tests she is necessary to determine to be evaluated objectives and contents, to choose the type of questions, setting of the number and preparation and revision of the questions. After the application the register of the results is necessary, but it is not recommendable that the professor of one notices tests on the basis of exclusively, it this subjects not to represent how much the pupil really knows on the subject, and still this he subjects the subjectivity of the professor in the correction, the professor must clearly have the reason of the pupil to receive that note or concept. The last part, Evaluation in the initial series, the author backwards factors that contribute relative the professor that they are: the expectation that the professor has of the pupil, the taste of the work and the ability of relationship with the children of this level and the theoretical recital that makes possible it ability specific technique in the function, educating in this fixes does not need to know that this being evaluated, the evaluation does not need to receive the name from test, is important that beyond the note or concept, either described the situation of each one in relation its stage of development, leaving clearly in such a way for the professor as for the pupil, why the result is this and which must be the new stage of the process of construction of the knowledge.