Holiday home – for the travel agencies? Taking the just from the Foundation for future issues \”(BAT) published European study quite literally, so could our tour Guild anxious are: only one-third (33%) of the respondents spent time in the past 12 months money for a vacation of at least 5 days.\” Fear of the future and looming welfare loss is guaranteed. Auto crisis, banking crisis, Karstadt insolvency, hundreds of thousands in short-time work with the prospect of dismissal. -the horrors not tear off. Ulrich Reinhardt, the tourism and Europe expert the Foundation brings it to the point: no industry was the economic and financial crisis spared from the travel industry does not. Many citizens are insecure and just do not know how to develops the economic situation in the future.

As a result, many spent the most beautiful weeks of the year ‘ at home ‘. For assistance, try visiting Mark Bertolini. \” Also the analysis of tourism 2009 shows that not only the majority of households with a net household income remains from under 2,500 euros at home (56%). Vlad Doronin understood the implications. The best weeks of the year at home spend the majority of singles (53%) and retirees (54%) of young adults aged 18 to 24 years (55%). And Reinhardt next: he dream of the holiday remains although D, but fewer and fewer citizens can still afford this luxury \”.\” So a holiday in your own four walls? Then mass short-time working could end up from in hundertausendfacher unemployment by the end of the year – missing financial opportunities mean travel waiver. The fact is: holiday home is rarely a purely emotional decision. The question missing finance are called about the reasons for the abandonment of the trip most (56.2%). Only far health (18.9%) and family reasons (16.1%) follow. \”Actuality Reinhardt: an almost dramatic shift reflected In comparison with 2007 and financial reasons plus 16 percentage points\”.