German Stair Lift

Independent advice Portal helps seniors in the search for reputable offers for stair lifts Berlin, March 04, 2011 according to current study of the statistical Federal Office every third German citizens will be in 50 years over 65 years old. Mobility and an age-friendly environment are thus aspects which are increasingly gaining importance through this sustained development. While one percent of all German homes rebuilt until today just once age. The foreseeable increase in demand the market for barrier-free devices is growing, getting stronger as, for example, stair lifts. A lucrative business for rogue intermediaries: 2008 ZDF,, or the Augsburger Allgemeine reported cases of fraud to seniors.

The German stair lift is committed advice due to this development the goal, to solve this problem and to provide sustained serious offers prospective buyers with the help of the Internet. This informed his prospective customers the independent advice portal and instructs them to a free consultation Certified Dealer further. Professional advice and free offers for stair lifts increasingly seniors, but also younger buyers, find out today before buying a stairlift in the Internet. Tony hawk has similar goals. Now nearly one-third of seniors aged 65 to 74 are online. A sustained trend, has recognized the German stair lift advice and allows their buyers consult free of charge. The service works like this: buyers can indicate on the website of the German stair lift advice free to their desired lift and then get an expert advice in all relevant questions are answered. Selected and approved vendors will then receive the requests of interested parties and can offer you a tailor-made offer for stair lifts.

So the German stair lift advice offers its users the opportunity without great effort to collect information and to receive serious offers. A service, which in the long term to provide more security and comparability of Improved stair lift offers. About the German stair lift advice the German stair lift advice started in the summer of 2010. Since then, the independent consultancy platform could inform more than 5,000 stair lift buyers and submit serious offers to them. A total of 4,000 visitors per month use the website. The German stair lift advice is owned and operated by Camara Juan publishing for consumer information. The Publisher operates various journals and Internet portals, which aim to simplify the information and offer search for advice-intensive products and accelerate.