Glory Thessaly

In Mycenaean times the land which later became Thessaly gave birth to Jason, the Argonauts and the head of the very great hero of Greece – Achilles. Thessaly was a very great valley in Greece, the fertile and picturesque. Thessaly – the only place on mainland Greece, where it was possible to make extensive use of cavalry. Legendary Centaur in the representation of the ancient Greeks lived it in Thessaly, and is a reflection of the impression horseback riding fesaliytsy produced by other Greeks, who used horses only in the chariot. If, in Thessaly, was any sort of unified government, then perhaps it could dominate in Greece. Prudential is likely to agree.

But after invasions Dorian tribes Thessaly, as it were dropped from the mainstream of Greek history. Thessalian cavalry remained well-known and often used as a mercenary force, but the Thessaly long time to come together. It was not until the 4th century BC, while not able to combine Thessaly Jason King, who by the age-old land of Thessaly also managed to join the tribal areas Maracay, Dolon, and part of Epirus. As Sparta has always been strongly against any association larger city-state, it is only natural that Jason has found an ally of Thebes – the main enemy of Sparta at the time. Almost immediately after that followed the Battle of Levktrah and a few days later Jason led the cavalry moved south.

In the short time that Sparta suffered a crushing defeat, and Thebes were busy trying to Sparta never recovered from the blow, Jason felt the very first time significant political figure in Greece. He hatched the plan to unite all Greece, first spoke about the campaign of all the Greek forces in Persia (later his plans embodied in the life of Alexander of Macedon), and was close to his plans come to pass, but in 370 BC Jason was killed. After the death of Jason of Thessaly, riots broke out. The country has again started civil wars and Thessaly, in the end, was conquered by Macedonia.