Good Domain Name

The name. It is not the same to undertake a commercial online activity that host a Personal Web site where you share experiences with other Internet users. The domain name is your identity on the World Wide Web (Internet). The process of choosing a domain name, is similar to the choose the name that will have our company or brand. That is why it is necessary to be cautious when choosing this, since if we choose lightly it could bring consequences or future failures. A very important fact to choose the domain name of your Web site is to think of a name that identifies with your activity that thou shalt offer. The Extension. By this we mean at the end that will your website is .com,.

.NET, .org, etc., a very important fact you should know is that the .com domains are those who have more value since they are recognized and used worldwide; others are less valuable, but are also useful, because everything depends on what field you want to develop your website, since some of those domains are cheaper. I recommend if you want to preserve a trademark or the name of your Web site buy different endings for your domain name since this is very important. Example of this is when you have, because this is your domain name. Now well the people who know it because you know what your address on the Internet, but many users do not know and can write your Web address with different termination, for example then these users open a Web site different from yours, then for to not pass this kind of situations it is necessary to invest a little more to buy different endings, but this investment will be helpful in order to reach all users in any way possible, this is one of the foundations of the Web positioning. However, this is at your option. Ownership. Always use domain names that are registered or recognized by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, by its acronym in English) this entity is responsible for assigning numerical (IP) internet protocol address spaces, so you can learn more about this entity please click here. It is necessary to always verify if our domain names are registered.

Since the loss or change of a domain name can bring economic losses and clients also. Easy to remember. In other words that nobody forgets you. Choose a domain name that is easy to memorize, it is easy to understand, avoid using foreign words, that there is no difference in how to pronounce it and how to write it. The fewer characters has a more user friendly name will be remember it.