Grundinvest Germany

Target volume already exceeded; Real estate development fund 12 resolves to prospectus according to Munich with full profit share, 12.06.2013. With a permanent Preisplus, Bavaria’s capital Munich is the most popular real estate site in Germany. How South is an in-depth report of the IVD market, prices for building lots of single-family homes over the previous year to an average of 14.8 percent attracted, for new construction condos by 10 percent to 5,500 euro square metre. Still could be no question of a price bubble, rather it involves collecting by overdue adjustments. Good prospects for the real estate development company so euro Grundinvest as well as their investors.

Many investors use because even this obvious opportunity and joined euro Grundinvest Germany 18 GmbH & co. KG in the current offer of the Munich-based company, the real estate fund”. The Fund invests primarily in the development of single – and multi-family homes in and around Munich and thus offers excellent opportunities to achieve attractive returns. A participation is possible there from 15,000 euros plus premium. A current distribution are available annually by eight percent per year, as well as an additional profit by four percent at the end of the three-year involvement.

After only a few weeks after sales began the planned volume of the target could be achieved, the management due to the current special situation decided to increase the Fund size to ensure a placement until 30 June. Investors who are interested in this offer, offers the chance just a few days for a candidate. Despite the short history of the placement is already invested the euro Grundinvest Germany 18 KG and can thus generate offered payouts. The current success of the Munich real estate specialists is supported not only by the positive economic environment in the Bavarian capital as well as the demand for real estate. Rather run all on real estate funds in the Munich-based as prospects or better. So 12 GmbH & co. KG on time June 30 also the euro Grundinvest Germany “brochure in accordance with resolvable. In addition to the repatriation of investment capital investors get the corresponding early artist bonuses, as well as their full profit sharing after the previously paid current distributions.