Gustavo Loschipe

1 line says respect to a national resume, where they can structuralize the courses of formation of professors, where some points would be evaluated: Evaluations of performance, Gaugings of proficiency of the pupils, accompaniment of the instruction for famlias*. 2 line folloies 1, the system of evaluation in all the levels, so that the professor can survey the applied content this being dominated for the pupils. 3 line is maintenance of the schools, to endow the schools with operational support and necessary technician so that it can to give its lesson. perhaps 4 line is the most difficult application, the valuation of the professionals of the education, because to value, implies in increasing the level of requirements for the career, wage increase extension of the age for retirement, 12 to deepen the training of the supervision, rigidity in the performance evaluations. These points denote a profession valuation. 5 line the necessity of increase of investment in the educational area, to invest in the professors, the acquisition of didactic substances, the accompaniment pedagogical, lessons of reinforcement and curricular enrichment, services of support 4 education myth In additions that involve the profession. As Gustavo Loschipe in the substance of the Magazine Sees of 07/03/2007, inside of the substance 04, elenca four problems in the education and characterizes as Myths.

4.1 The Brazilian professor badly is remunerated. It explains that, if to compare the Brazilian professor, with professors of rich countries, certainly we will arrive the conclusion that they earn little. To this point we agree to Alysson Cipriano Pear tree that strikes in its blog, on opinion of Gustavo, that professor in Brazil earns little. In our opinion for the complexity of its responsibility, it form citizens, works with human being, a pupil finishes inside discharging of the school, what it suffers from good and bad in its homes.