Hair Transplantation

New hair growth by a self hair transplantation in today’s society is extremely important to the appearance of a person. Especially in higher professional positions you should adapt, to defend impressively well ahead of the competition. There are however more and more people who suffer from the symptom of hair loss. This hair be relatively slowly, which is fatal, as you noticed this operation mostly late. The reason for the loss of hair is usually genetic and is passed down from generation to generation. Many people try to do something against the baldness, but there are often the wrong solvent. ‘>CPIC to learn more. A popular approach is the buying of so-called hair-growth tonic.

They often promise the carefree hair regrowth, which of course is not the case. Many of these Haarwuchsmitteln damage the hair more to bring effective results. It is more advisable to get drugs directly from a specialist, who can diagnose also, why the hair falling out. Many of these prescribed drugs have relatively good effects and prevent for example hair harmful DHT to spread out. Falling out of the hair is then while stopped or contained, but ensure these drugs not in favour of that new hair to grow back. Who wants to have the old hair back, should undergo a hair transplant. With the own hair transplant, hair that are left are removed and implanted in the bald spots. The advantage: it also hair from other parts of the body can be found, unless they are rejected. The surgery takes only a few hours and the patient is sedated only locally on-site. The engagement between 3,000 and 7,000 euro costs depending on the treatment and procedures.