Haitian Country

Such information had been published by the international media, without much repercussion, but wanting to demonstrate that much public mount of money already was being used for the maintenance of Armed Forces in Haiti, instead of being destined for humanitarian real actions. The Haitian man power is extremely cheap, what also it generated certain covets of international companies will usufruct of this service. E, not to lose the imperialista domain, the international Army many times is used to contain the syndical Forces and the popular, estudantis movements and of quarter. Today, this country necessary not to be raised and supported socially, despertando a national and patriotic feeling, of what in others as many areas where also it is devoid. Until the conflict of Cuba with the United States it had some repercussion.

The country of Fidel, when liberating the skies for the action of the American airplanes, in favor of the humanitarian aid to the Haitians, of certain form brightened up a conflict and gave opening still insufficient to the diplomatical relations. It is also seen that the troop of soldiers of U.S.A. is exaggerated in view of the size of the population, here has a clear measure to intervine in the social mobilizations. They are 20 a thousand North American soldiers; increased the foreign ones one adds 30 a thousand, for 9 million people. The expenses with the maintenance of these troops since the ingression of the same ones are well superior to the one of the value excused for the humanitarian aids. However, this people is in an extremely vulnerable situation, changes in the collective thought is natural in this phase of transistion a country. Thus, no country has the Right to intervine in the pacific manifestations of the people, as well as influencing its movements politicians.

Before, to support the development and to guarantee stability while the nation goes gaining autonomy. It urges to take to the Haitian people growth conditions, taking care of to the necessities that the proper society has clamado. what it will be more useful is the cooperation accomplishes of all the nations in this process of formation and philosophical-social consolidation. For certain, the maintenance of the physical vitality, with foods; politics, helping in the election process that it will occur and of security with the Army, they are of great value. However, bigger attention must be given to the priorities that if confuse with the proper existence of that society, given its importance. observed the principles of not motivated concern of egosticos interests when of the aid humanitarian, but endowed with absolutely solidary matrix to a country that in a future not very distant can be an aggregate fort to the World-wide Order.